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O Brother, Where Art Thy Brains?

Back in class, Warren's quietly telling MegaMark that he is indeed an idiot, and that girls like Granny Carrie and Jessica Martel may not be the answers to solving his life's problems. MegaMark does his best Yoda impression and says that you don't solve life: you live it. And he can fantasize all he wants about the hotties, but the reality will eventually sink in that he's a schlep and will always be resigned to dating girls like...and he nods in Diane's direction, who's entranced in a book with a slight smile on her face. Warren and MegaMark glance at her as she feels their glares on her skin, slowly looks up, and loudly says, "What?!" They both look back down at their books as she returns to hers. Warren takes another look at her and tries to imagine life with Diane by his side as she sort of glances at him out of the corner of her eye. Without sounding too schmaltzy, here...it really was a warm moment...one of those moments that Ed is so good at pulling off without a hitch. That one moment signified the beginning of the Warren and Diane era, which will prove to be a well-crafted bone thrown out from the creators of the show to those of us who want to see Ed and Carol get their mack on. They can't give us that right now, but they'll give us an even sweeter romance in Warren and Diane. Christ. I'm getting all warm and gushy here. Somebody gimme a Kleenex and let's move on to the next scene, dammit.

Out in the Strikes parking lot, Ed pulls up and sees Lloyd stuffing things into the trunk of his car. Ed surprises him and asks what he's doing. Lloyd says he's got a friend, Bucky, in Vegas, who's started a chain of restaurants called Buffalo Burgers, made with buffalo meat (which has half the fat of regular beef). Lloyd's going to go out to Vegas and be on the ground floor of this great opportunity, and it's something he can't pass up, can he, Ed? Ed smiles and says that, no, Lloyd can't pass this up. Lloyd says the timing's wrong with the bowling alley. Lloyd says that once he gets things going with Bucky, he'll come back and pick up where he left off at Strikes. Ed says okay, knowing full well that Lloyd won't do it. Lloyd says he's serious, a few months, tops, and he'll be back to help him. Ed says okay. They stand there and Ed pulls out a wad of cash and hands it to Lloyd. Lloyd says there's no way he can accept cash from his little brother, but before Lloyd can finish the sentence, he snatches the cash out of Ed's hand. Ed tells Lloyd that he's good at things. Lloyd just stands there, and they finally hug. Lloyd says he's probably going to stop and see the Grand Canyon on his way out to Las Vegas, because no matter how big you are, everyone's tiny at the Grand Canyon. He gets in his car and yells, "You have got to love the open road!" and pulls out of the parking lot, and Ed's life, for the time being. Dammit. Two sentimental, warm, tender scenes back to back. These sons of bitches. I feel like I'm watching Lifetime or something.

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