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O Brother, Where Art Thy Brains?

Commercials. You know, I really miss Dave Thomas from Wendy's. Man, that guy could make a commercial worth watching, you know? That crazy bastard would put chili on a rusted car fender and eat it and we'd all laugh, saying, "Man, Dave! You are one insane piece of work!" Nowadays, Wendy's commercials are about as exciting as a root canal. I have a solution to this problem: hire Bobcat Goldthwait as the new spokesman for Wendy's. Dress his ass up like Dave and make it look like he's bought the company and is now offering things like Snotburgers or something. Heh. I'd sure watch those commercials again if they did something wacky like that. Oh. And the bald guy from ER is still dying.

Well, the power just came back on at the house. This is after I'd recapped everything up to the last scene of the show. And of course, I didn't save anything. It's all gone. I've been writing for the last two hours and it's gone. I know, I know, you're saying, "Just write it all again, Uncle Bob. You can do it." Yeah, maybe I can. But I'm one pissed-off individual right now, and I now have to rewrite what was arguably the best recap I've ever done. Sadly, my computer ate it, and we will never get to experience the joy that my aborted recap would have brought us all. So enjoy the second half of this horseshit tossed-together recap. Dammit. I'm pissed now.

In Ed's office, Ed's talking some lawyer shit on the phone as Lloyd walks in and admires his work. Ed hangs up the phone, and Lloyd starts babbling about how great Ed is at being a lawyer, when it's a complete suck-up job to mask the fact that he just spent almost two grand on a sign for this wacky new bowling alley idea. Ed just stares at him, and Lloyd says that if Ed's still pissed about the sign, Lloyd's already apologized for that. Ed stares. Lloyd says that if it will make Ed feel better, he'll...he'll...he'll cut his pinkie off. Lloyd picks up a pair of scissors from Ed's desk, wraps the blades around his pinkie, and starts to saw his pinkie clean off his hand. Somewhere, Ed Gein is salivating. Lloyd makes a face like it's hurting, and Ed finally cracks up. This cracks Lloyd up, and Lloyd says Ed should be grateful that he got the lawyer gene while Lloyd got the weird gene. They go to meet the beer guy out back. Awwwww. They're brothers again. How grand. Meanwhile, I'm still not talking to my sonofabitch shit-eating computer. Yes, I know it's my responsibility to save my work at various portions of the job. But my computer should have some kinda auto-save function or something. Bitch-assed computer.

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