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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

Anyway, kind of missing the fact that she's harping on something nobody can do anything about now, Caryn calls out Tom for taking the "let's have a new adventure!" approach, and clearly holds him responsible for the decision to change camps. She calls this a "rash choice" that could have long-term consequences for all of them, blah blah blah. I would venture to say right now that the likelihood of that decision's having long-term consequences is somewhere around zero. Caryn actually confronts Tom in the fire-free darkness, claiming that Willard called for a vote but Tom jumped in with his "adventure" thing. It's like Caryn thinks Willard is the old pharmacist that everyone in Pottersville makes fun of and writes off as a crazy old coot and sprays with seltzer, and I don't think that's going to fly. And neither does Tom, who protests that he originally wanted to stay as well, but heard people calling for a change of island before he said anything, so he went along. It's hard to tell from the edited tape what might have been said, but what you can tell is that, certainly, nobody spoke up to say that they wanted to stay, including Caryn. People who sit on their behinds and let other people lead so that they can blame others later if it goes bad get no sympathy from me. Besides, the decision is in the past. Caryn tries to pass it off as a constructive discussion and not just a bitchfest when she endeavors to extract agreement from Tom that they should always vote on everything. It's like she's setting up future Rules of Engagement, which is a little bit of a crybaby move in a game like this. I mean, she could have just said, "I think we should stay." Probst has a way of putting teams to snap decisions, and feminist process is for babies. If Caryn wants input, next time, Caryn should try talking. And what's even worse is that she proceeds to act out what taking a vote means, like she's the only person who can properly explain what constitutes "raising" your "hand." Shut up, Caryn. Is that the first "shut up" of the season? Oh, warm fuzzies!

Unsurprisingly, Caryn isn't doing herself any favors in the group dynamic, as we learn when Katie gives an interview in which she says that Caryn can't shut her yap about the fact that the island they're on is horrible and sucks and they shouldn't have moved there, blah dee blah. What's awesome is that, then, a storm hits, and I guess Caryn would probably claim that it wouldn't be raining if they had stayed on their old island. Instead of this dumb island, which has weather. Katie goes on to say that the majority wanted to change camps, and that if it was the wrong decision, there's nothing to do but get over it. Which is true. Everyone hunkers down against the rain, using palm fronds as umbrellas, which works about as well as you would think. Overall, though, I'm really not sure what's supposed to be so much worse about this island than the other one, aside from the fact that they don't have a shelter yet -- which they can, after all, rectify. It's not like they left garment bags packed with diamonds and Cheez-Its back at the Palau Hilton.

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