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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

Elsewhere, Ashlee, with her enormous fake boobs looking very conspicuous in that top (sorry, it's true), gets a flag and heads back. Ashlee finishes the course. Ulong up 2-0. Katie? Well, as Stephenie starts across the course, Katie finally gets some advice from Willard to keep her knees pulled up longer, and on some of these, it's clear that that wasn't the problem, but the advice appears to help, because Katie does finally get across on the swing, thank God. Stephenie is on her way back already, though. Ulong takes a 3-0 lead when she lands. Next to go for Ulong is Kim. Katie tries very hard for her team, but Kim tears right by her. As Katie stands, panting and wondering how she's going to get back with this flag, Ian calls out to her that if she's too tired, she should quit so somebody else can go.

Meanwhile, Angie swings out onto the course for Ulong again after Kim returns with its fourth flag. Katie decides that quitting is the better part of valor and throws herself in the water. Janu goes out for Koror. Oh, and here's Angie with Ulong's fifth flag. Currently a 5-0 lead for the previously suck-ass Ulong tribe. "Angie, you frickin' rock," someone (Steph, maybe) calls out, providing a balm for Angie's tortured, puny soul.

Ashlee is on the course again for Ulong, and Janu is still working her way back, now with Koror's first flag in her hot little hand. She finally swings back to put them on the board as Ashlee continues back. She makes it, so it's 6-1 Ulong. Jen is up next for Koror, and James for Ulong. James makes it, then Jen, so it's 7-2 Ulong. Caryn makes it about two steps across the course before falling off the barrels, so that will do it for her. Good one, genius. Maybe if you had taken a vote. As Tom tries really, really hard to use a bag to kill Bobby Jon, who followed James, Ian scampers out, and he's very agile, but honestly, he's a humongous target and, with great frustration, he gets knocked off by a well-timed flying bag again. In my favorite moment, Coby decides to center his chi before he goes, so he's doing a meditative moment with a huge helping of Just Jack, standing on the platform thinking, "I will BE the barrels...." This gets him a whole two steps before he falls off. Way to go, Eastern philosophy. Bobby Jon starts back, as Janu starts out again for Koror. When he gets back with a flag for Ulong, Bobby Jon is so excited that he does a sort of...freak-out ooga-mooga dance in which he, among other things, vibrates and pounds on himself. No, seriously. It's kind of a gorilla thing. That there's a crazy man. So now, Ulong is up 8-2. Janu drags herself toward a flag, as Stephenie energetically bolts out onto the course. She almost falls off, but doesn't. Janu and Stephenie both make it back safely with flags, so it's 9-3 Ulong. Kim is out on the course trying to get Ulong's last flag, as Ian goes out again for Koror. They both get flags. They both head back. Weirdly, however, when Ian gets back to the start, his landing from the rope swing isn't quite firm enough, and he can't hang onto it and falls off anyway. But it doesn't really matter, because here comes Kim, and she has Ulong's tenth flag, and that will do it. Koror is depressed.

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