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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

Probst congratulates Ulong on its victory and throws its flint over. In a great moment, Kim reaches over and impulsively grabs Angie's face and kisses her on the cheek, which is nice only because you know how much Angie needed it, and even when people shouldn't be so goddamn needy, once they are, it's nice to see them at least get a rescue. It's even better when Ibrehem reaches up from the back row and tousles Angie's hair. She is in heeeeeaven. You know at the end of Lucas, when he finds the jacket in his locker? It's like that, only without all the unrealistically rhythmic clapping and the concussion. (That we know of.) Probst tells Koror that he's thinking it would be a good time to go home and look for the flint box they lost. They agree. Everyone wanders off, either dejected or happy, depending on whether they won or lost. I think I need a macro for that.

We next find Ulong canoeing toward its beach in the outrigger. They pull up to shore and hop out, still high from the accomplishment and thinking about catching some fish, making a fire, and having, as Jeff puts it, "some protein." Ashlee congratulates Angie, slapping her on the ass and everything, so you know it's really heartfelt. Ashlee points out that Angie motivated everyone on the team. Angie interviews that she "needed this so badly," and...well, we noticed. And then we see Bobby Jon hugging Angie, and it's like Angie is totally the Quarterback Princess. Bobby Jon then interviews that he "judged Angie way too quickly." He gives her credit for having "dominated" the challenge, which...not really. I mean, she got two. So did some other people. She did go first, and that was cool, but the idea that Angie somehow took over that challenge the way Boston Rob used to for his team or whatever...just, not really, it didn't seem. Anyway, he thinks that Angie's heroics "changed the whole morale" of Ulong. Really? The whole morale?

Flint makes you light fires! So now Ulong has a little fire going, and they're so excited they can hardly stand it. "I love fire," James mock-sobs. Jeff says that as soon as they got the fire started, he wanted to go and catch some fish. Or maybe "explore and see what's all around us." In other words, "hang out, kind of like I would do at home, only without my shirt on, and with TV cameras." He pursues spear-fishing, and he catches what I literally think is the smallest fish I've ever seen caught on this show. He explains that he "didn't get a lot, but [he] got enough so that everybody could have a couple of pinches of protein." "Pinches"? Yeah, thanks, Dr. Atkins. Next stop: ketosis! Apparently, Jeff doesn't think his three-inch fish is going to feed the hungry tribe, because he goes and captures a helpless clam, which is great prey, because it is defenseless. You can see the clam down there like, "Oh, SURE, it's because I can't move, right? Is this because I can't move?" (Or, as Law & Order would say, "Is this because I'm a bivalve?") Jeff adds that he's really glad Koror doesn't have its flint, and he hopes they don't find it. He's a little assy, in case you haven't noticed yet.

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