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Snugglebunnies And Girls Who Don't Eat

Maybe just to spite Jeff, Koror is out looking for that flint. (That would be reason enough for me.) They have to start, of course, by figuring out where they even were when they lost it, so right now, it's hunting for a...flint in a waterstack, or something. Ian slips off the back of the canoe and dives. As Tom explains, however, they went out at a terrible time, and while they were waiting for Ian to resurface, they had to paddle like hell just to stay stationary, because the current was enormously cruel. On shore, lazy-asses Coby and Caryn kibitz that the people in the boat aren't in the right place. They're pretty sure it was more that way. They think the canoe should be over this way. And...shut up and drink your coconut, Caryn. Suddenly, out in the water, Ian announces that he sees the box on the bottom. He dives. He voices over that it was the strongest current he'd ever dealt with, and the box was under about twenty-five feet of water. Which is a lot. He also points out that the box was very difficult to move off the bottom for various reasons, and that the entire project became more difficult as he got more tired. He kind of hints that he thought he might drown, but I think he's just trying to scare me. Don't die, Ian! I like you; you are nerdy. We see him dive for the bottom, and when he comes up this time, he says that he "got it," meaning that he has hooked a rope around the box that they can use to pull it up. He gets the boat to come to him, and then he gets up in it and Tom gets in the water, and together, they haul the box off the bottom and up into the boat. And...good show, kids. A lesser team might have declared it a lost cause, I think, especially since they didn't even know exactly where to look. Ian talks about how great it was to finish that project -- "like running a marathon and winning first place." Frankly, in circumstances that tend to make people overly cranked anyway, I don't doubt it. The overjoyed team brings the box back to shore, where Ian and Katie share a huge hug. They are best pals, you can tell. Ian tells Tom, with a sort of a "what the fuck?" laugh, that it is one of the happiest moments of his life. You can tell he thinks that's kind of stupid of him, which is healthy. They do recover the flint and steel from the box, and they do start a fire. They agree that it was "a good day, a good day."

Elsewhere, Ulong is eating its giant clam. (I don't even know what that would be a euphemism for, but in this case, it isn't one.) Stephenie reminds us that this nighttime feast is the first time they've had water, food, and fire for four days. She declares everyone "ready to chow down." Well, almost everyone. The clam is eaten. Seaweed is eaten. And then people get a little creeped out, because Ashlee declares that she is...not hungry. No, really. "Not hungry." The team tries to get her to eat, but she doesn't want to, and Jeff expresses in an interview that this is of some concern, because he believes that the team needs to stay strong, and he doesn't want some weakling "bringing down our team." Bobby Jon notes that Ashlee just disappeared into the shelter and went to sleep, and he goes on to make vague statements about how that might have been a mistake, because there was this fire, and people were sitting around it, and folks do get voted off, after all. He has a way of making everything seem like a vague threat of a beating, even when he seems to be talking to himself.

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