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Moto, Day 12. The resort music (it's very Growing Pains in Hawaii, I would say, but not in the Christopher Cross kind of way) starts up, and we see that the members of Moto are still enjoying the lap of luxury. After washing the morning dishes (sigh), they get treemail. Boo says that it's time for a new "victory streak." I really, really hope it is not the nudity kind of streak. The treemail includes a catalog of luxury items, and they're supposed to pick two. Stacy immediately starts yelling that she wants the toiletries. Eh, it won't wash your soul, Nasty McStink. Other items include potatoes and a pot; coffee; wine and cheese; and a mix of other luxuries and necessities. Boo tells the tribe he wants the chocolate cake and the toiletries, and then he happily interviews that Ravu is "wasting away." What could be better? I mean, everyone knows the worm never turns in this game, so gloating is always safe.

Meanwhile, at Ravu, Rocky is trying to talk everyone into one necessity and one luxury, which he is treating as a sort of middle-of-the-road solution. Earl looks at Rocky like he's a crazypants, which is right, because the middle of the road is not where you want to be where one side of the road contains life and the other side of the road contains being picked over by Fiji's enthusiastic population of vultures. Earl tells the tribe that they need to choose two necessities out of the many, many necessities that they are currently without. This is, he seems to be suggesting, kind of why they're considered "necessities" -- you choose them over luxuries. He wants to go with fishing gear, for one. "I'm staaah-vin," Rocky complains, wanting the chocolate cake. Earl looks at him like he can't believe he has to explain this and says, "That's why we want fishing gear. To catch fish." Apparently, Rocky doesn't understand that you can take "a fish," the animal, and turn it into "fish," the meal. But, Rocky is thinking, cakes are easy! You don't have to cajole them into biting anything! Earl interviews that there's absolutely no reason for them to take something like wine and cheese at this point, considering that they're the island equivalent of flat broke as it is. He says that Moto is Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, while they're Good Times. Ha! One of the best pop-culture references any castaway has ever made, for my money. And not just because, as a result of the current Nick at Nite lineup, I watch way too much Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

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