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And now, it's time for the most lopsided reward challenge of all time. You'll note that Boo, who was so against taunting, decides to show up at the challenge eating a piece of mango. What an asshole, seriously. I'm sure he would say this is just payback, but it's really, really rude. It's like they think that being hungry on Survivor isn't like being actually hungry -- they see the whole thing as the game, not realizing that being hungry (and having been dehydrated) is really unpleasant, not just pretend unpleasant, so they still think it's for making jokes about, given that it hasn't happened to them. Moto is really just on a camping trip right now -- and a well-outfitted one, for that matter. I'll bet the old-school Survivors won't even talk to them at parties. They'll be stuck hanging out with the people who won $14,500 on Deal Or No Deal. Jeff turns to Rocky and asks him whether this "has gotta burn." Rocky says that Jeff should look at his eyes -- fire, fire! Boo laughs, as does "Dreamz." Rocky "comes back" with "Laugh it up! We'll see what happens." All of Moto is very amused by this starving, skinny, half-crazed dude trying to threaten them. Jeff explains that, in today's challenge, they'll have one-on-one Sumo-style matches where they'll hit each other with big pads that look like reinforced sofa cushions, and they'll try knock each other off the platform into the mud. First tribe to seven points wins the reward. And what are we playing for? Well, Ravu has chosen potatoes and yet another round of fishing gear (meaning that Earl won that battle), while Moto has chosen coffee and toiletries, the Rewards Of The Woefully Overindulged. Winner takes all -- both things asked for by both tribes. "Dreamz" cockily says, "Yeah, fishing gear," and Rocky gets really pissed off, because he knows that they're throwing it in his face, so he's all "keep it up." Before you know it, they're taunting each other about how hard they can bring it, only Rocky is really pissed and "Dreamz" is kind of amused. My mom was a high-school teacher for many years, and interestingly, she immediately pegged this as one of those situations where, when two dudes fight and one of them is amused and the other one is actually mad, the amused one usually wins. She's very smart, and she's capable of helping you not to get your ass kicked. At any rate, Rocky is making a fairly obvious miscalculation here, in that "Dreamz" substantially outweighs him even in the best circumstances, I think, which these are not. Rocky is skinny, exhausted, and questionably hydrated, and he's daring a bigger, well-fed, well-rested, currently cool-headed guy to show what he's made of? Not a wise move.

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