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Moto, Day 13. A snake winks at the camera. Alex has a chat with Lisi, in which he points out to her that if they merge with ten people left, even assuming that Moto wins every immunity and goes in with the seven people they have now, that would leave three Ravu, and if Cassandra and "Dreamz" split off and go with Ravu, now it's a tie, and there's no advantage. Five to five. This is a little lesson we call Addition And Subtraction. What's great is that in spite of the simplicity of the message, Lisi completely doesn't get it. "Cool," she says. "Whatever." Alex is like, "NOT REALLY, IDIOT," explaining to her how they don't want a tie where they don't have control, when they could instead be in a situation where they would have control. He interviews that this problem became clear to him as soon as he started to do the math, and we watch as he tries to explain it to Lisi as well. "We do not need to do business with them at all, seriously," she replies. "I don't think we should include Dreamz and Cassandra in anything." So I guess that's the "I don't want to; therefore I don't have to" theory. Furthermore...okay, I get why they don't like "Dreamz." But what, exactly, is the beef with Cassandra? Can I get a little clarification? Because I'm finding it a little uncomfortable. Alex interviews that alienating two people is foolish when you only have five out of fourteen currently in the game. Alex tells Boo, "Those two, Cassandra and Dreamz, are gonna deflect [sic]. And we're not gonna have the majority." "Okay, so what are you suggesting?" Boo asks, because oh boy, does he not get it. Alex answers, "Making them feel more and more included, and developing more of a bond and a relationship with them." In one of my favorite lines in the show's history, a blank Boo says, "Yeah, but we want them all gone." In other words, why would you pretend to be nice to people if you intend to vote them off? Apparently, Boo does not watch Survivor, including the game he's playing while playing it. Alex kind of can't believe this is really happening, and in an interview, he comes close to literally tearing his hair out. "How do you not understand?" he rhetorically wonders. I'm not sure he watches the show either. And I hope he doesn't work in immigration law, because..."deflect"?

Fortunately, Edgardo understands the math, and he and Alex talk about how "the girls" are ruining the whole thing, because they're being jerks, and are not listening to anything Alex is saying. This is the most girl-hating season ever, I think. "They're so irrational, dude," he says. As much as I hate to listen to a "the girls are irrational" speech, in this case, it's kind of appropriate. It makes me wonder, though, who Alex thought those women were when he aligned with them, and why he didn't feel people out to see whether they had any head for strategy before choosing them as allies. What about Lisi made her seem like an appealing ally, you know? What about her stupidity and jerkitude isn't obvious? Edgardo suggests in an interview that he and Alex are considering allying with "Dreamz" and Cassandra instead of Stacy and Lisi, if Stacy and Lisi are going to be such jackholes. Alex tells Edgardo, though, that he thinks Boo is also dumb, and goes along with whatever Stacy and Lisi tell him. Edgardo tells us that he and Alex are just trying to get things lined up for later.

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