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Para-Lionel Universe

Metropolis General. Lois, her arm in a sling, is just being discharged. Clark greets her with flowers. "What are these for?" she asks. They're flowers. You're in a hospital. Duh. Clark says: "Nothing says 'sorry my doppelganger from a parallel Earth tried to kill you' like flowers." As they walk out of the ER together, Clark says he destroyed the mirror box. Ooh, I bet you end up regretting that later. I already regret it now, because it means the end of his silky-voiced other self. [Not necessarily, since there's still one in the other universe... right? - Z] Clark is momentarily sad about how the other Lois hated him when she thought he was Clark Luthor. "But I do think she was about to give him another chance," he says with a smile. "You don't have to worry about second chances with me," Lois says. "You're doing really well with the first one." She gives him a sweet little smooch that cheers him up.

Things are less cheery for Tess, who's at the mansion, looking through family photos on the landing that overlooks the study. Lighting flashes outside. (The perpetual ill weather, remember?) She's wearing one of her fabulous, old Hollywood satin robes. If you're going to brood over your crap family, you might as well look gorgeous. Clark walks into the study. "Luthor blood is poison," he says. "That's what I said before things got weird." Yeah, next time you find a mysterious artifact, try not to mess with it before you know what it does. Tess isn't mad: "Who knew you had such a gift for understatement?" He knows that Tess is Lionel's heir now. He looks sad. He understands why she didn't tell him, considering the way he reacted. He joins her on the landing. "You know the truly perverse part?" she asks. "I'm upset that he threw me away." Tess feels somehow she wasn't good enough, even for a family as "grotesque" as the Luthors. Clark sits down beside her, tells her she was lucky not to have been raised by Lionel. "What happened with the other Clark is just proof that Lionel's blood doesn't corrupt," he says. "It's the man himself." Thank you. "I was wrong," he tells her. Thank you again! Tess tears up. "The real reason that I hid Alexander is because I didn't want anyone to take him away from me," she says, her voice cracking. Well, no, you hid him because he freaked you out. But Cassidy Freeman is so amazing in this scene that I'll overlook the inconsistency. "But he fooled me," Tess says. This Lex is as smart or smarter than the original. She worries about what they'll find. Clark takes her hand and gives it a comforting squeeze. He says they'll face Lex together: "You're not alone anymore." Aw.

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