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Para-Lionel Universe

Fortress of Solitude. Clark goes looking for Jor-El but finds Lionel instead. [Presumably, Clark was doing other things that gave Lionel the time to travel one-quarter of the way around the world? - Z] All manner of techy equipment has been set up inside, and Lionel exposits that he and Clark have been harvesting the Fortress's secrets. Lionel starts talking about Shakespeare's King Lear, which makes Clark want to find a way home more than ever. Long story short: King Lear had three children, and decided to give most of his kingdom to whichever child loved him most. Two kids sucked up to him, but his favorite didn't. He disowned the one child who loved him. Lionel brings the comparison home: "It's just you and your sister now. There's certainly no getting Lex back; you saw to that." "I killed Lex," Clark whispers. Whether he's speaking on behalf of his parallel self, or whether he's realizing some responsibility in the demise of his Lex is hard to say. Either way, he looks quite devastated. Lionel tells him about Tess searching for the mirror box. Apparently, LuthorCorp had tried to destroy all artifacts from Krypton. Clark takes the blame, saying he asked Tess to find it so that he could destroy it. "I just want to make you proud, Dad," he says. This seems to make Lionel happy, so he tells Clark that Oliver Queen's parents had the box when Veritas was dissolved. Clark promises to take it back. After Clark zips away, Lionel looks sad. It's not so good being king sometimes.

At the Ace of Clubs (it's a crappy name in any universe), everyone is celebrating Lois and Oliver's engagement. Well, everyone except Oliver. He's out on the balcony pouting into a glass of whiskey. Lois slips away from the party to join him. She asks him to come inside, but he knows everyone's really there for her, not him. "It's not like the whole world hates you," she says. "No, just the greater Metropolitan area," he agrees. He wishes he had someone backing him up, so she reminds him that she's on his side. The shorter hair is adorable on her. It's softer and younger and perks her face up. She gives Oliver a kiss on the cheek and takes a few steps back toward the party. He calls her back with a question: "Why me?" She goes back to him, touches his face. "Because you are a very, very good man." He thinks there must be someone out there better, but she disagrees. As he leans in to kiss her, she disappears from his arms in a blur. A moment later, his cell rings. It's Clark. He has Lois. He promises she'll be safe if Oliver gives him the mirror box. "Text the location in ten minutes," he says, and hangs up.

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