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Desmond's got a gun

Back at the caves, Charlie is taking a break from wrestling with heroin addiction to assure a bunch of the non-speaking extras that there are no Others. "No one is out there. No one is coming," he says. One of the non-speaking extras gets a line that she's been practising for weeks. Half a line, anyway. She brings up Rousseau, and Charlie points out that Rousseau's "missing a bloody wingnut." "It was all bollocks. It was a ghost story," he adds, saying Rousseau set the fire herself. Sayid over by the fire is guzzling some water and cocking an eyebrow at Charlie's there's-a-little-more-to-it-than-that assurances. "What?" says Charlie. "Nothing," says Sayid. Well, now that you mention it, Charlie, Driveshaft kind of sucks. Sorry, someone had to say it.

Shannon is accosting people, angrily asking them if they've seen Vincent ("the dog," she explains). No one has, although their denials are barely audible. So she grabs a torch and starts stomping off. "Where are you going?" asks Sayid, who might have gotten a whole lot dumber over the summer. "I lost the damn dog," she says. Sayid goes chasing after her, looking for some brownie points.

Back at the hatch, we get a shot from below of Locke looking down through his feet at the hole, in a shot that looked a lot like Locke lying on the beach and discovering he can move his legs. Hurley, who let's presume has urinated by now, wants to know why Locke lit the fuse for the dynamite. "Why wouldn't I light the fuse?" says Locke, over his shoulder. "Uh, maybe because I was running towards you, waving my arms, yelling 'don't do that'?" Locke laughs. "Well, you got a point there." Jack comes strolling back, presumably with the dynamite that hasn't already been used to blow up the hatch or blow up Arse. Locke says he was just excited, since this what they came here for. "We did it so that we could get inside, Hugo," he says. "And to save everybody's lives," reminds Jack, although it seems to me that it was by getting inside that they were going to save lives, but if Jack wants to make out like Locke is doing this for self-aggrandizing reasons, you could argue that pot needs to borrow your cell phone to call kettle. Don't worry; it's a local call. "Or maybe it was just our destiny, right, John?" "Maybe," says Locke, thankfully not descending to Jack's sarcasm. Kate interrupts the brewing power struggle to get everybody to look at the underside of the hatch door. In stenciled paint is the word "quarantine." At some point, what with the isolation and the monsters and the polar bears and the Others and everything else, you'd think things would just stop freaking them out. "Quarantine," they're supposed to be afraid of? Wouldn't want to get the mumps.

Back on the Vincent hunt, Shannon is explaining that she saw Vincent five minutes ago. Well, what was she asking everybody else for, then? Sayid's saying this is a bad idea, but Shannon says he said there was no one out there. No, that's what Charlie was saying. Sayid points out the crucial detail that they just didn't see anyone out there. He says the dog will come back on his own, like he always does. Shannon bitches that looking after the dog is the one thing anyone has ever asked her to do, like, let me know when we are supposed to feel sorry for you. Sayid says she hasn't eaten or slept in forever and that she's exhausted. She says she can't tell "that kid" (you mean "Walt"?) that she lost his dog because she was exhausted. Does "irresponsible" work better for you?

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