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Desmond's got a gun

Jack is giving the Thousand-Yard Stare of Impending Flashback, but instead we get Kate wanting to know if he really believes that everything's going to be okay, and Jack says he does, and Kate says that's a new one from him, being a glass-half-full kind of guy, and how nice this episode has been for Jack with everyone telling him what a humourless cowardly prig he is. And she says it's a good thing, him lying to everyone, or as she puts it, giving them someone to count on, and Jack is clearly thinking to himself, "Yes, she's right. I am a good man." Here's the thing, though: Kate's going with Locke. Jack's surprised. "I understand why you can't go," she says. "They need you here. I get it, I do..." She points out that Locke will be going into the hatch on his own, and if something happens to him, well…and I can't say I fault her reasoning. "Live together, die alone, right?" she says, and Jack chuckles and agrees, and he watches Kate walk away.

Flashjack: Dr. Muskrat is explaining to Sarah's fiancé that as she was badly hurt, the surgery could take ten to twelve hours, and Jack won't know until he gets inside her. And it's the subject of getting inside her that the fiancé's most interested in: Jack's prediction of an extensive and intensive rehabilitation process has the fiancé -- who apparently attaches even less importance to shaving than Jack does -- concerned that at their wedding eight months hence, Sarah won't be able to consummate the damn thing. I swear to god that's what he's worried about. I mean, he says "make love," but this is his most pressing concern. Naturally, knowing that Sarah and Jack wind up together, you could have easily predicted that her fiancé would turn out to be an asshole, so it's okay when she leaves him for Jack, but this was almost cartoonish. Jack just stares at him for a moment, then tells him there's a good chance Sarah will need professional care for the rest of her life. "What, like, she won't be able to go to the bathroom by herself?" Jack stares at him some more. Would it have killed the writers to give this guy even one redeeming quality, if only so that it's at all plausible that a woman would consent to marrying his selfish ass? ["Maybe the point is that 'selfish ass' is her type." -- Sars]

Operating room. Jack strolls in, puts on his gown. Sarah, lying on her front, hoarsely whispers for him to come over to her so she can tell him something. Shouldn't she be out by now? Jack leans over so she can break his heart by telling him that it's okay, she knows she won't dance again. "I can still roll around at my wedding," she says. "And you're invited, okay?" Jack considers this, then steps forward a little closer, and says, intently, "I'm going to fix you." Then he seems to snap out of it, and looks around. The nurse is looking at him like, "Dude, that was not cool." Then everyone gets to work.

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