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A Marriage Based on Honesty

House's office. House is on speakerphone, even though he's not supposed to be on a cell phone. Taub is sticking with his diagnosis. House hangs up when his lawyer grabs his phone. But it rings again, so House takes it and sneaks into the bathroom. It's Wilson! He tells House that the best he can hope for is to stay out of jail. Dominika is going to have to get deported. The lawyer comes in and taps House on the shoulder. House tells Wilson to tell the team to skip the biopsy and give the antibiotics more time.

Joe tells Marlene that he won whatever argument they were having. He says phrases like "busting my chops" and "letting me be the man in this relationship for a change." When she leaves, he tells Adams that he doesn't know why he said that. She looks at his eaten food and says she has one more test.

The lawyer tells Nate that he admits the neighbor ploy was a bad idea, but -- and then Nate cuts him off. Dominika is being deported and House's parole officer is being told about his fraud attempt. Dominika looks at House and then begs Nate not to send him back to jail. She admits that they didn't marry for love, but insists that they had lots of fun over the past week working together to fool the US government. "It was fake, but it felt real. Maybe because it become real. This man. My husband. I want to stay with him, but if I cannot, please send me away and let him be free. I love him." House looks shocked. Nate considers. "I didn't buy a word you said. But a judge might. I'm gonna let you stay." But he's holding onto the file for six months and they'll be subject to random spot-checks to make sure they watch NCIS together. And if they aren't, they go to jail. So that's how they get people to watch that show! As they leave, Dominika assures House that she's too smart to fall in love with him, but she will be needing an extra shelf in the bathroom.

Adams has located proof of celiac. Taub is appalled that she did an unapproved test right after Chase got stabbed doing the same thing. BEEP BEEP BEEP! Their pagers go off to announce that Joe's having trouble breathing. It's not celiac!

House plays with his ring while his team throws around ideas. They try to ignore how much he's ignoring them. Adams suggests a parasitical infection: strongyloides in the small intestine? Park points out that Joe's been to Puerto Rico recently. Taub says the treatment could cause seizures in someone with liver problems. House says to do it.

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