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You Can't Call It Cheating, Because She Reminds Me of You
ly dry and unwrinkled. She dumps it on the floor, and then breaks down crying, crouching in front of the washer. I suppose it could be worse: what if Fauxlivia hadn't done laundry at all?

So the next day Olivia strolls into the break room where Astrid has just made a fresh pot of coffee. "Bad night?" says Astrid, because Olivia seems like death warmed over, and Olivia just says she had a lot of laundry to go through. Astrid asks her how it is to be back, and Olivia says it's good, except for the whole Peter-sleeping-with-Fauxlivia part.

She asks Astrid what Peter was like with Fauxlivia, and Astrid seems really awkward. "He didn't seem different? I mean, like, happier, or..." and Astrid seems awkward enough that Olivia gets the hint and backs off, saying they should probably go because Broyles wouldn't have called them in if he didn't have something. She starts to leave, and Astrid stops her to point out that Peter thought he was with her. Olivia says it's fine. "It's not fine. Whatever feelings Peter had, they were not about her. They were about you. And they were real. They still are," says Astrid. It's a valiant effort, but Peter's already kinda tried it.

Anyway, the three agents are in Broyles' office, where he tells them that a cross-state search turned up multiple organ thefts in the past two months, with the same M.O. All of the stolen organs were transplants, and all came from the same donor. "We have a donor number. Names are kept confidential. Seventeen-year-old female. We've issued a priority request. We should know more shortly," says Broyles. Peter has a look at the file while the others brainstorm motives: someone with an objection to organ donation? Seems unlikely. "Maybe someone close to her didn't think the recipients were worthy," says Olivia. Like a reverse of that shitty Will Smith movie? You know the one... Hancock? No, not Hancock. I think I liked Hancock. It turned out to be a different movie from what I was expecting. I know the tonal shift kind of turned some people off, but I enjoyed myself. Anyway, that wasn't it. It was that other one, which I confess I didn't actually see, but it had something to do with organ donation. I assume it was kind of a downer but ultimately uplifting? Although most of my friends hated it. Speaking of Will Smith movies, is Men in Black III ever going to happen? Because I would really enjoy that. Hang on, let me check IMDB... Yes! 2012! They're filming it now, apparently! You know, while I was on IMDB, I probably should have looked up that organ donation movie. You know what? Forget it. I'm just going to go watch Men in Black.

Where was I? Oh, shit, Fringe is still on. So Peter says that the file notes that the body was remanded to the Rosindale eye bank after the organs were harvested, and Olivia notes that there are no photos of corneas being stolen.

So Broyles picks up the phone and orders his secretary or whoever to put him through to the Rosindale Eye Bank. HILARIOUSLY, it takes half-a-second for whomever to find the number, dial it, and have it ring and someone pick up. Or maybe the secretary just happens to have a Rosindale Eye Bank speed button on the phone. Anyway, Broyles identifies himself and says he needs to speak with the executive director immediately. And then there's this: "Yes, it's urgent. 'Immediately' means urgent," he says, and all the agents look at him, and he sighs and shakes his head. Hee hee! And hold on -- Broyles identified himself as "Colonel" Broyles. Has he always been a colonel and I just forgot that? I always referred to the other guy as Col. Broyles to differentiate the two, which will probably be a lot easier now that the other guy is dead. Maybe I'm still thinking of him as Lt. Daniels?

And then we're in some makeshift operating room again, where there's a writhing victim strapped down to a table with his eyes pinned open, looking terrified as Mr. Mary Poppins uses scary-looking tools and makes measurements and takes notes. "So sorry, sir. These don't belong to you, do they?"

And then the agents are pulling up to a restaurant that's under construction in Chelmsford, Mass., which the recipient apparently owns or works at. Good thing he was close by! And for someone who dressed down the poor receptionist at the Rosindale Eye Bank, Broyles isn't exactly moving really quickly to try to find another in a series of transplant patients who have had their organs repossessed. Broyles gets off his phone and tells the others that they got a name for the donor: Amanda Walsh, in Providence.

They go inside the restaurant, where no one is actually working or constructing or renovating or anything, and use their flashlights to walk around instead of turning on the lights. Creepier that way! Peter's the one who founds another plastic-sheeted surgical area, and he calls the others over, only there's no one strapped to the table anymore, just a couple of trays with surgical tools left behind. "We're too late," says Olivia. No, but in a moment I'll wish you were: they hear a noise from nearby and go to check it out, and in a walk-in freezer or something Olivia finds a man wandering around. He turns around, and we can right into his head through his currently empty eye sockets. "Please... help me," he says. Gah! Good thing this show's breaking for a month -- I can't take a lot of scenes like that!

Later we're in a hospital, and the victim seems to be recovering, with bandages and gauze wrapped around his head. He tells Peter and Olivia about how he was walking to the restaurant to see how construction was going. Yeah, did Mr. Mary Poppins kill all the workers? How did that work? He says he started feeling dizzy, and the next thing he knew, he was strapped to a slap. "He actually apologized. Can you believe that? He wished there was another way, that they didn't belong to me." Well, as long as you can laugh about it now.

Leaving the hospital, Peter and Olivia discuss the remorseful organ thief, which Olivia says makes sense: "He didn't want to hurt those people. It's about her. He didn't want her organs going to someone else." Well, if anyone's sensitive to how it feels when someone's organ goes into someone else, I suppose it's Olivia.

Back at the lab, Walter is dropping some liquid into a test tube filled with an opaque white liquid. Gene is mooing, which she only does when it's appropriate, so I guess it's milk. I like to think that Gene is on set every day but only gets lines in some episodes, and she has a trailer that she waits in, and scans the script looking to see if she has any lines that week.

Anyway, Astrid wants to make sure that Walter's not giving Gene any of the liquid to drink, and he says he won't until he understands the long-term side effects. "But imagine the possibilities if this can permanently erase cell decay!" Well, for starters, milk and cheese that don't go bad. And, well, probably immortality, right? But let's stick with the milk and cheese.

Anyway, Astrid's got a big box with "Yatsko Project" slapped on the side, and Walter was right, that they were misfiled: "It turns out that the research that you and William Bell did on human-tissue preservation didn't stop when you went to Saint Claire's," says Astrid, which Walter thinks is "fascinating" despite the fact that just about every episode for a while featured a case involving someone who furthered Walter's research. He's got a hypothesis, though, and needs Astrid to get him something. Not much. Just what's left of the organ donor's body.

Peter and Olivia are talking to Amanda Walsh's mom right now, actually, and seem to have just filled her in on what's happened. "Oh, god. The only consolation I had was her passing gave other people another chance," she says. Well, too bad we had to ruin that for you. Olivia asks if Amanda was dating anyone or if she had any friendships that were cause for concern. Peter twitches noticeably when Olivia says "dating anyone." Mrs. Walsh says that in fact she didn't have any friends, didn't like school, didn't want to do sports. "I

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