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ered by whatever caused Margaret's physical symptoms. House makes an epiphany face. But Dr. Kelly hasn't nailed it and proven herself. In fact, he says "you couldn't be more wrong. You got the cause and effect backwards."

A few hours later, Margaret is awake but still hallucinating. In fact, as House approaches her bedside, we see that her table is still on fire. She informs House about this, and he puts his hand down firmly on it to show her that the fire is just a hallucination. Okay, but ... if those hallucinations were trying hard enough, then couldn't she just hallucinate House's hand flesh burning off? Or that his hand isn't burning because he's a CIA experiment who is listening to her thoughts? And yet, that seems to work for Margaret, mostly because, as House explains, she's on "happy pills." He tells them that Margaret lied about her medical records because she knew what was really wrong with her and figured that she'd be better and back home before House's team got a chance to contact the other hospital. She did not lie about going to Trenton after all, House says, although she didn't go to any support group. She went to see her doctor, who was prescribing Risperadone. Dr. Kelly knows what that is, as she's a psychiatrist and Risperadone is an anti-psychotic used to treat schizophrenia. Yes, Margaret is schizophrenic but didn't want anyone to know, so she lied about the ex-husband and created an entirely new identity because apparently her real name is in the Schizophrenic Database that doesn't actually exist. Seriously, it makes sense that she'd change her name to escape an abusive ex-husband. Not so much that she'd do it so no one found out about confidential medical information. Nor does it really make sense that she'd lie to House and his doctors about it, since it's not like they can tell Billy. And it really doesn't make sense that she could be freaking schizophrenic and able to hide it that well that her own husband didn't suspect anything when I think we all know that there is no drug (not even this magical Risperadone) that can completely eliminate all symptoms of schizophrenia without causing serious side effects. Although I guess it did cause some side effects, but only after she'd been taking it for years. That's what caused the stomach pain and barfing that brought her to PPTH as well as the other symptoms that came after it. Even though she had stopped taking the drug by then. And I'm not really sure how you can take a drug for years without any side effects and then suddenly come down with three serious ones. Wouldn't it make more sense if the post-PPTH admittance symptoms were caused by sudden withdrawal from a drug she'd been on for years?

Anyway, once she'd been off the drug for a while, the schizophrenia returned, thus the hallucinations. Margaret admits the truth to Billy, who is absolutely shocked. Okay, but ... how did she explain her family to him? Or were they perfectly happy to go along with her fake identity? I mean, they're married, so either Margaret's family attended her wedding and kept up the charade (oh, and gave themselves the same fake last name that she had) and no one got too drunk at the reception and spilled the beans, or she cut herself off from her family entirely and told Billy that everyone she knew from like five years ago was dead. House, meanwhile, rubs it in to Dr. Kelly that she totally missed a schizophrenia diagnosis Well, to be fair, she didn't really miss it. She knew something was off before anyone else did, and probably could have gotten it if this show didn't have such a strange idea of schizophrenia and how it's treated. But I guess if this show made everything medically accurate, we wouldn't really have a show.

After the break, Billy confronts House alone and asks what he's supposed to do "now." House pretends not to know what he's talking about, and says they'll just put Margaret on a different anti-psychotic and her mental symptoms will magically disappear. "This is not who I married," Billy says. House says that it actually is. Billy doesn't think he wants to stay with a wife who's schizophrenic. I'd be more concerned about the fact that she was able to totally hide that from me, and what that says about me and how much I pay attention to my wife. House says that's not his problem. "It's too hard," Billy whines, although I'm not sure if he's saying it's too hard to be with Margaret now or to leave her. Maybe both. "It's always hard," House says. He tries to take a solo elevator ride following that statement, but Chase jumps in with him.

Chase admits that hiring Dr. Kelly was a "mistake" and she's just not up to Cottage standards. House says it's up to Chase -- he's cool with Dr. Kelly staying on since she did help him get the right answer, and he's also cool with Chase firing her now. Chase says he'll give her another shot. House says that's a good idea, since it'll make it that much easier for Chase to sleep with her. Chase again denies that he hired her for sex.

Music montage!! Billy decides to suck it up and be there for his wife ... for now. Cuddy finds House in her office on her computer. He says he's looking up the name of that physical therapist Cuddy recommended. Cuddy invites him to spend the night at her place. House accepts even though she doesn't have cable. "We'll have to have more sex," he says. "Okay!" Cuddy says.

Chase finds Dr. Kelly cleaning out her locker. She says she's quitting before House fires her. Before Chase can tell her she has another chance, she says she's not that upset about quitting because now she can see Chase socially, which she would never have done if he was a co-worker. Wow, Dr. Kelly hates cheating and she won't date a co-worker? She really wasn't meant to be a Cottage. Chase decides he'd rather date Dr. Kelly than give her another chance.

And finally, Cuddy and House enjoy a romantic dinner for three. Yes, Rachel is there in her high chair checking out her new daddy. Poor, poor child. Cuddy heads to the kitchen to get House a second helping, and he looks over at Rachel to find her chewing on his cane. He manages to keep himself in check enough not to scream at her and call her stupid when he takes it back. "Aren't you adorable?" he says, although I can't tell by the expression on his face if he means it.

Also, are they really sticking a National Alliance on Mental Illness tag at the end of this episode? After portraying schizophrenia so unrealistically? Ha! Anyway, go to to find out more.

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