Maternal Instinct

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Happy Mother's Day, bitch.

Sydney and Dix meet up with Jack on the beach somewhere. He and Sydney hug and she asks what's going on. Jack tells them about Fatty's ambush. Dix says that Fatty's route was classified. Syd pipes up that there must be another Prophet Five mole inside APO. Well, duh. It's Sloane. You people never listen to me. Jack says that also, as a condition of his release, Devlin wants APO to suspend the Prophet Five investigation until Langley's had a chance to review their findings. "We can't do that," says Syd in a panic. "I agree," says Jack. "Which means that while Devlin maintains a presence inside APO, we have to stop documenting our work. Operations will be compartmentalized to senior staff only."

Jack brings up what Sydney was going to tell him back at the hospital before he stopped her; the reason Prophet Five abducted her. Syd tells him about the regression therapy they performed on her and how they wanted her to remember a cipher -- Leo 47 Norte. "It was an entry on an Alliance organizational chart Vaughn showed me years ago," she says. Jack asks if she gave them the intel. Syd did, but she changed the phrase. Dix says that "47 Norte" is a territorial designation. It refers to France. "Leo" refers to a specific mission. Jack says he'll go over the Alliance archives, and Dix needs to go to Paris; assuming Jack is successful in his search, Dix will be in position to act quickly. Jack then tells Syd to make contact with Élodie so that she can provide Dix with papers and ID.

"Then, I want you to go home and pack a bag," he says. "I'm moving you to a secure location." Syd says she doesn't want to hide out, she wants to help. Jack knows that, but he can't risk Prophet Five getting to her again. They all scatter off to do their jobs. In Dix's car, Syd looks pensive. Dix tells her not to blame Jack since he's only trying to protect her. Syd brings up what Dean said about Prophet Five having plans for her, and how they saved her baby for a reason. Why? Dix doesn't know, but he thinks she should be in a safe house. Syd says she can fend for herself. Dix says she's not just fending for herself, she's fending for two. "And let's be honest, Syd," he says. "Right now…you waddle." She throws him a look of death. "I don't waddle." "Oh ho, yes you do!" he retorts. "I'll admit," she says, "I'm a little less graceful. But I don’t waddle." Dix considers this. "You're right," he says. "Tsssch!" hisses Syd. Hee. It's so hilarious, too. She goes, "Tsssch!" and looks out the window all, "You heard me!" "It's more of a teeter," says Dix, getting the last word in. Heeeee. And aw.

Malibu Pregnant Barbie Penthouse. Syd teeters in and teeters down the steps to her living room. And sitting there on a sofa, looking for all the world like she's just dropped by for a spot of tea, is Irina Derevko. "Sydney," she husks. "Mom," deadpans Sydney. Irina gets up and her hair is GORGEOUS. She tells Sydney she looks beautiful and they hug and it took me a minute to remember why they were lovey-dovey all of a sudden. Irina says that she's here now, so everything's going to be fine. Only she says this while shifting her eyes around the room as if she's going to find The Horizon hidden somewhere on the walls.

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