Maternal Instinct

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Happy Mother's Day, bitch.

Syd pulls back and says that, as grateful as she is that her mother is there, it's not safe. "I know about Prophet Five," says Irina. "I know they abducted you. That's why I've come." Sydney's face hardens a bit. Irina says that Prophet Five has been rumored for over thirty years; an organization so secret that most people thought they were just a myth. She says that a contact of hers told her that they'd become active again, and that they'd finally found someone who could lead them to what they'd been looking for. "The reason they came together," she says, "was to pursue something they call 'The Horizon'." "Hmmm," says Sydney, unconvincingly looking off into her apartment. Irina cocks her razor-sharp vision at her daughter. "You've never heard of it?" Syd just goes, "Noooo," and chews her lip, and it's so obvious that she's lying.

Irina says that Prophet Five believes that Sydney knows where The Horizon is. Syd blabbles about how Prophet Five tried to get her to reveal information about the old Alliance mission. Irina asks which mission it was, and Syd sidesteps by saying that she doesn't know anything about it except the code name and that Jack is looking into it. Nice, Sydney. Way to keep shit from your mother! I think your father could learn a thing or two from you. "You told your father?" asks Irina, tucking her hair behind her ear. Syd nods that she did. "How's Jack?" asks Irina, tasting the word on her tongue like it's covered in dark chocolate. Syd says he's good and then says that Prophet Five killed Vaughn. Irina says that she knows and that she's so sorry.

Apple Store. Jack has Marshall looking up Leo 47 Norte on his computer. Jack asks him to find the intel without it getting traced back to APO. Marshall's totally up for some conspiracy! Marshall finds the file they're looking for. A man named Jean Bertrand was in charge of the operation. As Marshall tries to locate Bertrand, he blabbles on and on about taking apart his Calc professor's car and reassembling it in his classroom, and someone on the writing staff likes Real Genius, I think. "What? It was hot and I was hungry!" Best. Movie. Ever. Getty enters and Marshall geeks out and jumps up all, "WE'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING CONSPIRATORIAL NO SIR." Jack just rolls his eyes and answers his ringing phone. Jack says, "That is...unexpected," into the phone and then tells the person on the other end that he'll be there soon. "Was that Syd?" asks Marshall. Jack shoots him a look. "Well, your modulates a little whenever you're talking to Sydney." Aw. Jack's not feeling the "aw," though, and just asks what Marshall has on Bertrand. Marshall locates Bertrand in Paris, and Jack tells him to forward the intel to Dixon and to avoid using the APO servers.

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