Maternal Instinct

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Happy Mother's Day, bitch.

Down in the safety deposit box area, Irina asks questions about the vault's security, and when she gets the answer she's looking for from the officer, she stabs him in the back with an apparent sleeping drug or something. Jack gets on the horn to Syd and says the officer's down. Rachel gives Sydney a password, which Sydney enters into the officer's computer. It works. "Some day you have to show me how you do that," says Sydney. "Magician never reveals her secrets," says Rachel. Hee. Sydney enters Bertrand's name and finds his box number, which she relays to Jack down in the safety deposit room.

Peyton arrives with her crew as Jack sprays some acid onto box 135. Syd looks over at a security monitor and sees Peyton and crew shoot the hell out of some guards. She runs to warn her parents because...the comms aren't working? I have no idea. Jack opens the box and reveals a small square package wrapped in burlap and tied with twine. He puts a scanner on it and reveals that it's rigged to blow. Irina moves over to him with something hidden in her left hand. Jack's saying that they'll have to take it back to Marshall when suddenly Irina launches a full-on attack at him. And then they fight! Ha!

Jack gets Irina up against a wall and puts a gun to her face just as Sydney rounds the corner to tell them that Peyton's there. Jack tells Irina to talk and fast. "You're working for them, aren't you?" he asks. "Answer me!" "That was you on the ship," says Syd, moving toward them. "Wasn't it? Behind the glass. You orchestrated the whole thing...because you wanted this. And couldn't torture it out of came to me as my mother." "I am your mother," says Irina. "Call off your team," says Jack. "They're not my team," says Irina. "Dad," says Sydney. "I don't believe you," says Jack. "You need to believe me," says Irina. "Because if Peyton's here, then she's here to kill me too." "Well, she's going to be very disappointed," snits Jack, "because I'm about to beat her to it." "Hey, DAD?" says Syd. Jack's too busy talking about how he's going to kill her mother to pay attention to Sydney right now. "HEY DAD!" Syd says again. "Baby's comin'." And she makes this hilarious squinty face like, "Oh, yeah. Somethin's happenin' down below..."

Hold on to that fetus, Sydney, because we have to go back to the Apple Store to watch Sloane practically declare to everyone that he's the mole within APO. Sloane walks over to Rachel and says that Devlin's accessing their server logs because he thinks there's a mole within APO. Rachel asks if he thinks Devlin's right. Sloane says he doesn't. However, Syd and Jack are in the field without clearance and Sloane's been assisting them. He needs Rachel to purge the files. She heads off to get to work.

Safety Deposit Room of Impromptu Births. "You should sit," Jack hilariously orders Syd while keeping a gun trained on Irina. Hee. This family is so whack. Syd ignores him and says that they need to get out of there. She asks her mother what Peyton's plan of attack is supposed to be, and Irina says she doesn't know because this wasn't part of her operation. "You want to escape?" she asks. "Gimme The Horizon. I'll tell them you've already left the building." Jack's all, not gonna happen, sister! Syd gasps. Irina tells him to stop being stubborn, because the baby's coming and she's just trying to help by giving them a way out. Peyton and her men approach, and Peyton rocks the hell out of a big ol' gun and a fabulous hairstyle. She orders one of her men to lock down the building because she's going up.

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