Maternal Instinct

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Happy Mother's Day, bitch.

Syd gasps at her mother to tell her what her extraction plan was going to be once she had The Horizon. The lights go out, and Syd demands that Irina tell her how she was going to get away from them. Irina tells her that there's a helicopter waiting for her signal, and that Prophet Five doesn't know about it. It's four flights to the roof and Syd says she can make it no problem. They all head off. Peyton's man on the security system says he has a visual on the Bristows and they're heading UP not down. Jack asks what the signal for the helicopter is, and Irina says it's a beacon...and it's in her bra. She looks seductively at her husband, and he just grimaces at her and quickly pulls the beacon out of her bra strap. Heh. He orders her to keep moving and Sydney follows.

Peyton's team keeps moving toward the Bristows, but once Peyton gets word that a helicopter's showing up, she runs off. The Bristows reach the roof as the helicopter approaches. On another floor, Peyton shoots the glass out of a window, then runs up and takes aim at the helicopter with a rocket launcher. Boom. That's the end of the helicopter. Peyton chucks the empty launcher off to the side and kind of awesomely saunters off as molten pieces of helicopter fall past the window.

Their transportation gone, the Bristows return to the interior of the building and try to figure a way out of there. Syd thinks they need to work on getting the freight elevators operational, and Jack thinks that even if they manage to do that, Peyton's team will be waiting for them when they arrive. Irina says that they need to set up a defensive position. "I'm not interested in your opinion," snots Syd. Heh. Then, the best moment of the whole episode comes when Jack hands Syd the gun and says, "Here. Cover your mother." HAHAHAHA. Oh, that is just vintage Alias right there. Jack removes his jacket and ascot (thank god) and says that he'll head down and take care of Peyton and her men. "But whatever you do," he says, "keep that pointed at your mother. If she even blinks--" "I'll shoot her," says Syd. And you know, for once, I actually believe she will.

Apple Store. Rachel's trying to get at the logs. I don't really care about this storyline much, do you? Rachel finds Sydney's and Dixon's communications and deletes them. She thinks that about covers it, but Sloane says there's one more communication she has to delete and it's his. He keeps an eye on Devlin in the distance as Rachel finds the communication Sloane's referring to. It's under "JTINDLE" and Rachel rightly points out that this isn't Sloane's login name. He lies that his network timed out so he had to create a temporary one. Has he been eating stupid pills for breakfast? This is so dumb. Whatever. Rachel goes to delete it, but Devlin's on the same page of entries as they are and if she deletes it, they'll see it, so...that's not good. Sloane calls Devlin and distracts him while Rachel deletes the file, and...scene. No, really. It's about that interesting.

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