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House heads for Wilson's office, but even his newfound leg abilities don't get him there fast enough, as Wilson immediately says that Cuddy already called him and told him to expect House to use him to get tests for Richard. House has more serious and personal issues to discuss, however: he tells Wilson that his leg was hurting earlier. Wilson responds with a smile, which House takes offense to. Wilson says that it's not unusual for a forty-something man's muscles to cramp after a day of eight-mile runs and skateboarding. House wants a Vicodin prescription. Wilson tells him to deal with the pains of middle age with an ice pack just like everyone else has to. He accuses House of "playing" him either for drugs or to get Wilson to convince Cuddy to do the tests on Richard or both. "Either way, you get the high you think you need," Wilson says. House leaves the office, looking sad and dejected, so Wilson remembers that he's supposed to be House's friend and assures him that the surgery worked and not to worry about his leg pain.

House goes for a night run. He stops for a drink of water, then walks in a nearby fountain and hangs out in there for a while, splashing dirty Princeton student water all over himself. It looks like the opening credits of Friends, but much higher contrast and less Lisa Kudrow. All the better to make a successful diagnosis with.

Cut to Cuddy sleeping. She manages to look strict and hardcore even with her eyes closed. And she's wearing full makeup. That woman is amazing. A noise outside her window wakes her up and she looks, expecting to see handymen raining down outside. But no, it's just House skulking around outside her window. Her breasts push the curtains aside as she opens the window for him and what should be the moment some of us have been waiting for. But no, House isn't here for sweaty post-workout sex. He spits out a bunch of medical terms that basically say that Richard did not try to commit suicide -- he has hypothalamic dysregulation and was really hot so he jumped in the pool to cool down. House can cure him and restore brain function, saying that scarring on the hypothalamus is pushing on Richard's pituitary gland, shutting down the adrenal glands and giving Richard Addison's disease, a.k.a. that thing that JFK had that no one talked about at the time (besides Marilyn Monroe. And probably herpes). Cuddy hands him a small hand towel but refuses to have sex with him and starts shouting at him (and probably pissing off all her neighbors) that he's making a wild guess and she won't support it. House wants to inject Richard with cortisol and magically cure him. Richard will be able to have sex with his wife and hug his son, House says. Speaking of having sex...but no. House just makes a wisecrack about hoping that the guy doesn't hug his wife and have sex with his son and no one has sex at all. "You're high!" Cuddy accuses. But not on Vicodin this time -- on wild guesses about patient's lives that have absolutely no proof. I think Cuddy's been talking to Wilson. House says that if he's right, Richard will be cured. If he's wrong, it won't make a difference. But this is Cuddy's time to make a stand and be a real boss. She tells House that he needs to learn what the word "no" means. And then she shuts the window in his face. Aw, say no to his diagnosis, but don't say no to the sex! Come on! Damn.

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