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Cameron says that she asked Cuddy to replace the carpet in the room as if this is some excuse for why they left a freaking bloodstain in the room when the guy it came from is trying to have a stress-free first day back. You can have new carpeting installed in a day if those stupid commercials are to be believed! Why does it take two months?! And why don't we get any follow-up on why that guy shot House or what the last two months were like for him?! I feel so unsatisfied. House asks Cameron what she's been up to over the summer, and she gullibly starts to answer, all thrilled that he's asking her. Before she can get a second word out, House totally turns his back on her and starts talking to the other Cottages who know their place. They start to disperse to go about their weekly grind of almost killing their patient to save him when House tells them to hold up and check out the file on their second patient. He wants to order tendon surgery on their patient to make him and his atrophied muscles more "comfortable." No one knows what to make of this new House who wants his patients to feel good and stuff, so they leave.

Stephen Hawking (real name Richard) gets operated on while his son, wife, and House watch from the balcony seats. Wife Arlene thanks House for being there with them, and we all gape afresh at the new House. He's not that new, though, as he immediately antagonizes the family by telling the son -- who refuses to believe his dad would try to kill himself -- that his father is a drooling mess who hasn't even been able to speak to his son in over six years. But wait! New House adds that if Richard did try to kill himself, that means his brain still has enough function in it for him to recognize that he didn't want to live anymore. Which is a good thing, I guess. Anyway, this news makes Arlene and Son feel good and smiley, which is the opposite of how most people usually feel after having a conversation with House. Cameron enters the room to call House away as Arlene whispers a "thank you" to her husband's kind and understanding doctor. Cameron says nothing, but her facial expression is a definite "say WHAT?"

House and Cameron take the stairs, because House can do this now. Cameron has some news about the yoga patient, but won't tell it to House until he tells her what Arlene was thanking him for. House says that the wife thought Cameron was a "fourteen year old boy" and he told her the truth so she thanked him, which Cameron takes no offense to since she absolutely does not look like a fourteen-year-old boy. Unless it's one of those boys with the undescended testes that are always trying to trick you. New House's insults aren't as cutting as the old one's. Disappointing. House decides to sprint off and find out what's wrong with yoga girl rather than tell Cameron anything. She laughs.

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