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After the commercial, Chase tells the crew that he's had to remove blood around Karen's heart three times. The Cottages do some differential diagnosing, with Cameron chiming in with vasculitis for old time's sake. House throws it out, also for old time's sake, since it doesn't explain Karen's paralysis that he assumed she was faking but is now having second thoughts about. Cameron doesn't get it; since Karen moved, she wasn't paralyzed. It's just a total unrelated coincidence that Karen was faking paralysis at the same time as the area around her heart was filling with blood. Thank you, Cameron. House thinks that Karen's mystery disease made her sincerely believe she was paralyzed, which makes his casual dismissal of her as being a lunatic and hotfoot prank seem kind of cruel now. He tells the kids to open Karen's spine up and look for tumors. Like a treasure hunt, except with fatal consequences.

House tends to his favorite patient, Richard, and notes that his heart rate is high, meaning he's in pain, so House ups his morphine. House is nothing if not sensitive to other people's pain medication needs. "You've been so nice to us," Arlene says. While every other doctor (*ahem* Wilson *ahem*) just tried to fix Richard's cancer, House is the first doctor to actually care about his quality of life.

House leaves the room without knowing what else to say, only to find Cameron waiting for him outside. "What a touching moment!" she says. Oh, Cameron, you little Harriet the Spy, you! She starts making fun of House and his warm heart, but he stops her with an invitation to drinks and even dinner, if Cameron eats, which it wouldn't appear that she does very often. Cameron waits for the other shoe to drop, but House's invitation seems sincere. So she rejects him. HA! But the joke's on poor Cameron again, as House smiles and says that this just shows that Cameron was only interested in him when he was damaged. Now that he's totally healed, she doesn't want him. "You are not healthy," Cameron and her bangs reply icily. They add that Cuddy is looking for him.

Cuddy informs House that he will not be "playing hide-and-seek" in Karen's spine today. She also wants him to lower the morphine on Richard. Man, Cuddy doesn't miss a trick, does she? Except when getting dressed for work, as this is the second day in a row that she has elected to wear a sweater-type-tank over a blouse. I don't like it. House wants to compromise: he'll lower the morphine if Cuddy lets him do the surgery. Cuddy ain't having that, less-than-gently reminding House that she's his boss and he will do what she says. He looks shocked and has no response to this. Oh, looks like someone spent the last two month reading books about how to boss around difficult employees! I'm sure her new authoritativeness over House will last all of two episodes.

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