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Boobs McPhee: Wonder Whiner

Prague. Again. Some more. Syd and Boobs approach the blown-up office and before even entering, Boobs is all, I CAN'T DO THIS BECAUSE I'M SCARED NO DON'T MAKE ME I AM GOING TO CRY. Syd's just like, dude? You need to chill. Just become someone else, she instructs Boobs. Unpleasant tasks will be much easier if you just crawl inside someone else's skin and let THEM do the dirty work. Syd clips fake Czech intelligence badges onto their lapels and tells Boobs that when they walk into the offices, they will immediately outrank everyone there and that Boobs needs to ACT LIKE IT. "We see this type of thing every day," she snaps, walking off. They enter the office and the place is a shambles and Boobs is about to lose it. "You see this every day?" she quivers. Suddenly, she closes her eyes hard and opens them again. "We see this every day," she grits. A very nice moment there.

Boobs moves through the office and there's an effective cross-fade into the office in the past, with the staff alive and working at their computers. The only difference is they're all staring at Boobs in an accusatory manner. It's actually a bit disturbing. Syd and Boobs continue moving through the office until they come upon a room at the end of the floor. Boobs declares that the server should be there, and Syd says they should get to work. Back in the Caymans, a beautiful woman with a briefcase approaches Dix and Getty. Her name is Pierpont, and she's here to escort them to the bank. Dix drags his drooling jaw up off the sand, and he and Getty follow Pierpont to the bank.

Back in the server room, Boobs has located the specific server, and Syd gets a phone call. It's Dix, pretending that Syd's the front desk at a hotel and that he's canceling his massage. Syd interprets this to mean that they don't have as much time as they thought. Boobs turns the server over, and there appears to be flesh and blood burned into it. Looks like the server landed on someone, huh? Boobs is justifiably freaked by this, and Syd's like, whooooa, Nelly. Hang on. Just breathe. Uh. I'll…I'll deal with the server. You…go puke in the corner. Boobs is like, dude? I'm outta here. Syd's all, no! You can't! You have to help me with the server! Finally, Syd calms her down enough to where Boobs can handle getting the computer out of her bag, and they get to work.

Meanwhile, Getty and Dix are getting escorted to a tent at the back of the beach. The bank's not as far as you'd think. And it apparently comes with potted palms and large ape-ish bodyguards. Pierpont says the bank no longer has a fixed location and that they do all their business remotely. Good to know there are large amounts of wealth just floating around like dust motes. Pierpont opens up her computer as the two thugs point guns at Dix and Getty. Dix is all, whuh? With the huh? Are guns really necessary? Back with Boobs, Syd's dealing with the skin-encrusted server. She removes a portion of fabric with…bone attached? Ew. Then she gets the hard drive that Boobs needs. She walks over to Boobs and hands over the drive. Boobs hooks it up and hacks into the protocol.

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