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She's Got Me Like Nobody

Raylan and Jackie enter the hotel room, and Jackie's impressed with the amount the Marshal Service is laying out. Raylan then tells her that although "I know I give you a charge" (hee), she seems positively giddy, and maybe that has something to do with what's in her bag? She tries to tell him it's just her schoolbooks -- she mentioned earlier that she attends the University of Kentucky as a graduate student -- but Raylan tells her he realizes Adair must have come back for some reason other than the kids or the ex -- it's for the money he figures is in her bag. Her smile doesn't fade as she asks what he's going to do about it, and he tells her that, as "ill-gotten gains," he'd be obliged to repossess it -- but if it somehow made its way back to Katrina and the kids, that wouldn't be so bad. Another thing I never get tired of is Raylan's application of frontier justice.

Raylan then gets a call from Art, which he takes as Jackie starts to strip on her way to the shower. Despite what I said earlier, Art notes that Raylan still hasn't been to see Arlo or Hunter, and Raylan tells him he'll be going first thing the next day. He also assures Art that they're not paying for the room, and if it's coming out of Raylan's pocket he's even more hooked than I thought. Art wonders if the girl is in love with Raylan yet, to which Raylan replies that Jackie's "not the least bit interested in an old fart like me." I mean, that'd be bullshit even if Jackie hadn't already announced her crush, but it's always best to leave it to Art: "He said, humbly." Hee. Jackie gets the rest of her clothes off and gets in the shower, still not having closed the bathroom door, and whatever modesty or insecurity he's feeling, I'd imagine he'd be welcome to join her.

Ooh, here's Raylan waiting as Arlo's shuffling to him in shackles. Once they're in the same room, Raylan tosses the FBI folder onto the table -- only to confess it's full of takeout menus. Heh. He goes on that he was going to try to strong-arm Arlo into thinking they had enough to queer his deal, and Arlo gloats that Raylan is too much of a goody two-shoes to tell a lie. But Raylan is ready to honestly lay out his cards to Arlo, so he tells him that he was ready to ensure that Arlo never got a deal, but he's willing to offer him one now: They know Drew Thompson is alive and in Harlan, but Arlo could help them find him quickly. On the flipside, Theo Tonin has the same information, and he's got Boyd helping him. Understandably, Arlo doesn't believe Boyd would have betrayed him like this, but Raylan goes on undeterred as he says that if Boyd finds Thompson first, Arlo is SOL, but if Arlo's information proves true, Raylan will make sure Arlo lives out his days in a "country-club jail." I'm a free citizen and a country-club jail sounds pretty good to me, but Arlo tells Raylan, and I'm quoting, to eat shit.

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