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She's Got Me Like Nobody

Sharon's just unsquatting when Adair appears behind her and aims, but the quiet cock of the piece is enough to warn her, and without hesitation, she draws her own gun mid-whirl and shoots, making me love her forever. It's not clear to me if she possibly wasn't shooting to kill -- the only reason I even think of it is that it's her business to bring him in alive -- but unfortunately, whatever the case, even though she hits Adair, he manages to keep his arm steady enough to get a shot off even while being knocked back by the bullet, and this gets Sharon in the neck. As she lays dying, Adair calls for Paul Kinsey ("Kenneth" is apparently the character's name, and Adair calls him "Kennet," but you can be sure I will be adopting neither of those), and at first I was wondering why Adair looks so put out, since he must have been planning to kill Sharon, otherwise why even go after her? But then I remembered the part where he, you know, got shot. Credits.

In the office, thanks to an almost entirely gratuitous shot of Raylan's ass for which I am shamelessly thankful, Raylan saunters (Sharon left that off her list of Raylan's charms) into Art's office and drops a folder on his desk, whereupon Art absently says he already signed Dunlop's birthday card. Raylan, however, says the folder contains not obligatory and insincere (although surely also witty, at least in Art's case) birthday wishes but the summary of all the FBI's evidence against Tonin, which he deems "bullshit." Art amends Raylan's assessment to "rare-vintage FBI bullshit," adding that he's been trying to get hold of Barkley, but he's been AWOL for "a few days." Okay, he's been AWOL for "a few" of the SIX DAYS that have comprised this season? So, given that Barkley only met his end two episodes ago, the first five episodes took place over like TWO days? For a sleepy town, people in Harlan are GETTING SHIT DONE.

Raylan wonders since when "J. Edgar Barkley" (hee) misses work, but Art distracts Raylan from examining that thought further by saying they don't need the FBI, what with the Clover Hill names Mary the Hill Woman and "the one-legged man" gave them. Raylan corrects him that Josiah is actually now one-footed -- "he's still got most of his leg" -- before, without pausing, going on that Art is doing that thing where he doesn't have high hopes. Art: "That eyebrow thing?" HA! In a poker-themed episode, how much do I love that Art is aware of his own tell? Art confesses that his hopes are in fact rather low, but he does point out that Raylan's "psychic friend" Eve Monroe could pore through DMV photos in an effort to identify Drew. When Raylan's hopes unsurprisingly fail to lift, Art starts to suggest another course of action, but whether his eyebrow gives him away or not, Raylan cuts him off and says he doesn't want to hear it, because he knows Art is going to suggest he go talk to Arlo. Art, however, says he's not trying to tell Raylan that, and brings up Hunter, saying Raylan should go see him. "And after that, go talk to your father." Hee.

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