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She's Got Me Like Nobody

Raylan really really doesn't want to see him, to the point where he gives Art a hilarious "you can't make me" face, but Art tells him to go, which is probably the end of it. Raylan stalks out, but on his way, he wishes Dunlop a happy birthday, which leaves Dunlop thoroughly nonplussed to the point where he remarks to Tim about it. Tim: "Jesus Christ, [Dunlop], I'm sorry I forgot your birthday." Hee. That's all we'll see of Tim this episode, but he always makes it count.

Oh hey, here's Johnny and "Teri" lying in bed, and from how satisfied he looks, it seems reasonable to conclude she's still got her tongue. She confirms that by telling him she feels "safe," prompting him to tell her how he beat up on poor, relatively innocent Max. He goes on about how special he finds her, but she seems to find his attempts at romantic talk to be wearying, and it's probably fair to guess that in her line of work she's heard more than her share of such lines before. However, Johnny isn't finished, as he asks her who "put the hurt on" her, as he figured out it wasn't Max. I'm guessing he's already pretty sure who it was, given his subtle reaction to Colton's crazed behavior in that scene. When she asks what he cares, he tells her he didn't know for sure it wasn't Max until she just admitted it, and although he'll never be as clever as Boyd, his Crowder DNA has been coming to the surface this season, and he asks her point-blank if it was "Colt," after which her guilty expression confirms it for him. She tells him about Colton's threat to cut out her tongue, prompting Johnny to ask why he'd do such a thing, or even beat on her in the first place, as if murdering former military would always have a logical reason for such actions. Here, though, Teri tells Johnny about Colton's questions regarding Ellen May, and Johnny, who presumably knows that Ellen May's corpse is supposed to be part of some industrial waste, looks very pleased with the possibilities this information presents. He kisses her and tells her he meant what he said, and presumably he's referring to the romantic stuff we heard rather than anything he might have said, you know, before.

Raylan's eating an ice-cream cone while driving, and although I'm sure that's not particularly safe, the GIF at the bottom of this piece (h/t my friend Matt Zoller Seitz) goes a long way to explain why I don't have a problem with it. Even worse from a vehicular safety standpoint is that he uses his other hand to answer his phone, but it's an important call -- from a Campbell County deputy informing Raylan that he was one of the last calls registered on Sharon's phone and wondering what association he had with her. Raylan picks up on the guy's use of the past tense -- he has shown that he understands such things -- so the guy tells him that Sharon's van was fished out of a lake that morning with two bodies therein, one of which was hers. Upon hearing this, Raylan tosses his ice cream out the window, and littering aside that does seem like rather a respectful gesture. The deputy gives him some details on the deaths, and Raylan replies that he thinks he knows the man he's looking for. Gravitas of the scene aside, it'd be pretty funny if he gave up Boyd's name.

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