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She's Got Me Like Nobody

But let's check in with the real culprit, as Adair is sitting shirtless, his shoulder bandaged, pounding painkillers and beer and looking like he's overstayed his welcome even before Paul Kinsey is like, dude, you gotta go. Adair's response can pretty much be summed up by his request for Paul Kinsey to pass him a bowl, to which Paul Kinsey replies with a recap of Adair's crimes, like, I get that you're upset, but leave it to the professionals. (Btw, a propos of nothing, Paul Kinsey's walls are decorated with framed movie posters, one of which is for Wedding Slashers, which is not only an actual movie but is the real poster art in the frame. Heh.) Paul Kinsey's ears perk up, though, when Adair tells him he's got a lot of money stashed at his ex-wife Katrina's place, and he'll cut Paul Kinsey in for twenty percent if he'll let him stay until he's fully healed and then take him to Harlan to see her. Paul Kinsey is jazzed, but gets less so when he gets a call from that same deputy asking how he knew Sharon, and although he plays it off (he claims to have sold her camera equipment on Craigslist, and surveillance in her line of work would make sense), he panics when he gets off the phone and tells Adair who it was. Adair asks what he told him, and it's pretty comical that he does so without exhaling the pot smoke he's got in his lungs. Paul Kinsey, however, says the point is that they know, so Adair proclaims himself healed and suggests they hit the road. Despite my lefty leanings, I'm not going to cite this as a convincing example of the medicinal powers of marijuana.

Adair and Paul Kinsey turn up at Katrina's place, and Adair is chagrined to discover a sign advertising Katrina's new alarm system, as if the only question isn't what took her so long. They go around back, with Paul Kinsey snagging some woman's underwear that's hanging out on the line to dry, like, they need to design clotheslines that give potential thieves electric shocks for places like Harlan. Not that, I think, that would have stopped Paul Kinsey. Paul Kinsey's about to put a rock through one of the back windows (because those aren't generally alarmed?) when Adair warns him off -- Katrina's sister is inside. Just so none of us have to ask the awkward question, Paul Kinsey blurts out that she's white, so Adair clarifies that the nubile young woman was her sorority sister at Butler. He thinks this will actually make their entry easier -- at least until she opens the door for Raylan.

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