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She's Got Me Like Nobody

As Adair seethes to Paul Kinsey that he hates "that man," the woman introduces herself as "Jackie Nevada," and I believe I've heard whispers that the name is taken from Elmore Leonard's story titled, unsurprisingly, Raylan (if you didn't know, Leonard's the one who wrote Fire In The Hole, on which this series was initially based). Raylan informs Jackie that he's got reason to believe Adair might be turning up, and he's armed, dangerous, "and an asshole." Jackie smiles that she's met him, and Raylan's three for three; she goes on that Katrina took the kids to Dollywood, and she probably has an email with her itinerary. Meanwhile, Adair whispers to Paul Kinsey that he plans to (a) get his money and (b) kill Raylan, but, as we see a glimpse of two cops appearing outside the front door, Paul Kinsey says they've got to go, and they can deal with those errands later. Out front, Raylan tells the lead cop that after he gets details on the wife and kids' location, Raylan will take Jackie home, and then notices a vanity plate on Paul Kinsey's car that reads "KY FLIXXX," just in case you were wondering exactly what kind of auteur Paul Kinsey is. (Also, he's got a Romney/Ryan AND a McCain/Palin bumper sticker, which I guess just shows another way in which porn merchants aren't like other filmmakers.)

Boyd seems nervous as he looks for his trademark pocket watch, but Ava points it out to him; this doesn't settle him, though, and he confesses to Ava that he's feeling "insecure" about this whole thing. She tells him he looks "grand," but I'd imagine that's hardly his only potential source of insecurity when it comes to a sex party. But actually, he's worried about class differences, not wanting to embarrass himself by using the wrong fork or whatever, so Ava says they only need to sniff around to see which of the guests might be Drew and then uses the sex-party idea to point out that everyone's pretty much going to be on a level playing field. "If it comes down to it, what's a few hand jobs, give or take?" I mean, words to live by, no? He asks if she's looking for an open relationship, to which she playfully tells him to give as many hand jobs as he needs to that night. He replies that that's not funny, which makes me wonder if he heard it wrong, but regardless, he seems to have loosened up, at least enough to accompany Ava out. Probably still a far cry from hand jobs, but we can hope.

Back in front of Katrina's house, Jackie is asking how Raylan was aware of Adair's assholery, so Raylan tells her about the two people Adair just killed; upon confessing that he slept with one of them a year or two ago, Jackie smiles: "That's sweet." Hee. She clarifies that she's referring to him being out there getting revenge, but he demurs, saying that he's only seeing that she gets home safe... in his PANTS! (Sorry, that's not right, but even at this early time you can tell where this is going.) Raylan then gets meta by commenting that her name sounds like something out of a Steve McQueen film, so she explains that his stepfather wanted to call her Sierra, but he fought off the psychotic break he was apparently having and named her after her mother instead, who left her before she was old enough to remember her. She adds that "Reno" wasn't even her real dad, and when Raylan quite rightly expresses disbelief at the existence of a "Reno Nevada," she explains that he's a poker player, and they sometimes end up in games together. They flirt a bit, and Raylan concedes Jackie's charming but isn't sure if she's sincere; when she asks if he thinks she's working him, Raylan replies, "My track record as of late, don't suppose I could tell." Well, Raylan, at least you keep pulling hot. But I must point out this is a poker player named "Jackie Nevada." You're right to be wary.

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