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She's Got Me Like Nobody

Well, look who's made it safely up to Clover Hill. Boyd and Ava approach the front door, and Boyd gives their names to the security guy at the door, who lets them in. Inside, people are mingling and chatting and decidedly not screwing, prompting Boyd to remark to Ava that he was expecting something more like Rome, and I was thinking Eyes Wide Shut with maybe some backwoods variations on the masks, but we're in agreement that there's a marked lack of sex for a sex party. Boyd bright-sides that at least he won't have to see the mostly ugly crowd naked, and then some asshole shows an ugliness that has nothing to do with looks as he crows to the room that if, referring to Ava, "this fine flower is what's growing on the dung heaps of Harlan," maybe they should relax their admission policy after all. Boyd sidles up close, and the two of them exchange some tart words about whiskey, but Boyd shows he's got his eyes on the prize by letting that be the extent to which he displays his temper. He squires Ava away over to say hello to Napier (and how weird that I saw the actor, David Andrews, at almost exactly the same time in a guest appearance on House Of Cards. And now that I think about it, same with Gerald McRaney, who played Josiah Cairn here and Raymond Tusk there), but Napier doesn't mince words in saying that Boyd is as welcome at the party "as a case of the clap," and I don't know what Boyd was so nervous about. His behavior is turning out to be completely irrelevant to the question of whether people hate him, as their minds are already made up.

Or at least, so it seems until the hostess, Debra Jane, warmly introduces herself to Boyd and Ava before offering to take Ava on a tour of the house. But despite her congeniality, Ava Debra Jane is played by Robin Riker, who you might remember as Amy Madison's witch mother in one of the very first episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, "The Witch." So if I were you, I'd give the attic a miss.

After Boyd and Napier politely enough tell each other to fuck off, we head back to Debra Jane, who's telling Ava that "the swingin' and the swappin'" is just a small bit of what they do up there, and goes on to say that they women have all the power, not just in the bedroom but in Harlan. "If it weren't for us and these little get-togethers, nothin' would ever get done." It's not going to happen, but I'm kind of wishing Debra Jane would bust out in song right here; I'm already hearing "We Put The Har In Harlan." She goes on, however, that Ava doesn't need to do anything she doesn't want to. "First rule up here: No means no." Well, it sounds good, anyway.

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