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Losin' It

Inside, the Festers are getting Festrated. Their energy is running out. Busey says that the completing each other's sentences thing is starting to grate on him. They want some serum. So does Busey. "Perhaps we should..." "...cut our losses" the Festers say. Busey yells that they're sticking to the plan. MamaKent quietly asks Lana if it's just her, or if these criminals are getting desperate. Lana whispers that Clark will find a way to get them out of this. MamaKent and Bo exchange a look that says, "Oh shitness!"

At LuthorCorp, Chloe is brushing the last good fingerprint off her flashlight. She asks sweaty Clark for some tape. The print comes off. She sticks tape on a dialogue box on a computer screen. Clark's cell phone rings.

Can you hear me now? How about now? In the energy field taking your parents hostage? Ha ha, loser. Busey tells Clark that his time is up. Just then, the security device accepts Lex Luthor's thumbprint. A switch opens. Clark tells Busey he's on his way. "You'd better be," Busey growls. He angrily closes the clamshell cell phone.

Chloe and Clark enter a room containing tons of glowing green liquids. "Who needs superpowers when you're around?" Clark asks Chloe. She beams. Clark reaches for a giant tube of liquid when -- OW! Electrical field. Clark grabs his arm in pain. Ouchie-ouch.

Kent home. Busey tells the assembled hostages that if Clark doesn't return soon, Busey's going to start killing some people. Probably the ones in this room. Starting with MamaKent.

Clark asks Chloe if she can disrupt the electric signal blocking the serum. Chloe says she could if she had a few more hours. She asks if Clark can request more time. They start to bicker a bit. Clark asks if Chloe can find out where the signal is coming from. She asks what he plans to do. "Whatever it takes," he mopes.

Outside the Kent home. Clark shows up driving the Kent truck. Wait...what? Wasn't the truck already here? The Sheriff tells her men to let Clark through. Clark goes to her and asks her to pull back her men. She reminds Clark that she's the one with the badge. Badge Madge, they call her. "I can stop this!" Clark insists. The Sheriff says this isn't the time for Clark to be a hero. "I'm not!" he cries. He says he's just a normal guy who doesn't want to see everyone he loves die. Somewhere in another imaginary scene, Chloe scoffs. The Sheriff tells Clark that even if she let him go through, there's an invisible barrier blocking the house. She asks how he plans to get past that. "With this," Clark says, holding up a cell phone. With just one call, Clark can vote for the next American Idol! Woo!

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