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Losin' It

Inside, Busey sees Clark and tells the Festers to lower the shield. "He did it," Lana says. Busey tells her to shut up; he says that Clark hasn't done anything yet. Ha! Lana gives him a dirty look. Clark, carrying a case, steps up toward the porch. Busey demands that the Festers raise the shield back up. "Come on, get it up!" he yells. Man! Pressure! Clark hands over the metal case. Clark tells the fidgety Busey that they must have done a real number on him at LuthorCorp. He sadly says that he didn't ask to be made this way. Busey clears off a table and opens the case, but not before telling Clark that the rumors about Clark must be true and that he's "really out of this world." Yikes. "You have no idea," Clark says. Can we put an official moratorium on that comeback? It's so, so lame. Busey opens the case. Flash grenade! Oops! Busey, blinded, stumbles around. Busey tries to grab some electricity, but Clark dodges, and the ball of energy hits the Festers instead. Clark picks up a mallet, but instead of hitting Busey with it, he hits an exposed electrical panel just as Busey is shooting an energy ball. Great, Clark. You'll be living in the dark for the next year. Busey's power runs out. He keeps trying to puff out some energy, but there's nothing there. Clark drops the hammer (unwisely) and blocks a punch. He knocks Busey out with a punch of his own. "Sometimes it's easier just to turn the power off," Clark says. Well, it's no "Hasta la vista, baby," but it'll do.

Commercials. I've seen Shakira's English-language music have a physical effect on people, and yes, it does resemble dry heaving.

Kent home. The Festers are being led away in the red-lit hand clamps. "Get him outta here!" the Sheriff says of Busey. Busey stops, turns, and looks like he's going to say something to Clark, but Cheshire tells him, "Keep moving, Sparky." Lana says that the guy has "serious issues." Like you two don't? Clark hopes that Belle Reve can hold him this time. Amusingly, Lana says, "Or you can always knock his lights out again." She gives Clark a goofy look. Slowly, somehow, a Lana personality is emerging. I find it terrifying. But in a good way. Obligatory scene where the Sheriff grudgingly acknowledges Clark's good work. She asks if he ever considered a career in law enforcement. Lana says Cheshire's right; what Clark did was amazing. And super?

"Hi!" Chloe says brightly as she walks through the door. Clark plays it cool with a "Hey," and goes to speak to her privately. Clark thanks Chloe for all she did. She claims that she did what she always does; Clark's the one who took down three dudes without any "special advantages." She says once a hero, always a hero. Clark insists that this was a one-time thing, and that he's done with all that. Chloe says that he may have moved on, but other people aren't going to let that go. Clark tries to shut her up, but she's not talking about herself. She says that a second video feed was encoded in a tracking signal when they broke into LuthorCorp. "Someone was watching us," she says. Crap.

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