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Clark wanders over to Lana. She hands him a Dixie cup. "I've never been so thirsty," he says. Well, yeah. You hammered in almost two whole nails. Drink up, Bob Vila. Lana says it's great how the whole town is getting together to rebuild everything. "Thanks to Lex," Clark says, as our bald baddie rides up in a silver convertible. Clark says -- in voice-over, because the camera turns away, that they'd still be waiting for the FEMA check if Lex hadn't pulled some strings. Recent dubbing, Smallville? "Yeah, he's a real hero," Lana says. She says it "flatly," the closed captioning tells us, and I'm not sure if it's a slam or not. Lex gets out of his car and shakes hands with all the grunt workers. Hey, buddy, don't get my black clothes dusty. MamaKent, wearing a country hat and an orange shirt, tells Clark to go get some ten-penny nails. They're building a barn and ran out of nails? That FEMA money sure doesn't go too far. Lana offers to go with Clark. They giggle like kids and take off their tool belts. They walk, hand in hand, all happy.

Then there's Lex. "The happy couple!" he announces. Er, he means you and him, Clark. He snarks that they're sneaking off when there's work to be done. Sure, Mr. $500 shoes and no work gloves. "Fire him," Lana snarks back, but so whisper-quiet that nobody hears it but Lex and the closed-captioning typist. Lana awkwardly says that she'll wait for Clark. Then she stands five feet away. Lex says he's not Lana's favorite person right now. Clark says, "She doesn't trust you," in an odd tone of voice. He seems perfectly fine with Lex. Lex says that everybody's made mistakes. Awful, evil mistakes. Murder, even. Lex says that's in the past, and that they've been given a second chance. "I hope we can rebuild more than the town," he says seriously. Clark gives him a long stare and says, "So do I." Let's start by pitching a tent! Erecting some wood? Lex watches Clark go for a very long time. It's the Gayest Look of the Episode (or what passes for it these days).

Long panning shot of the barn-raising, some craters, and then Clark chasing Lana up a hill. Clark catches up to her and grabs her by the hips. She falls back into his arms, giggling. She turns and kisses him, arching her back quite a lot. Craaaackkk! That wasn't her, it was me. I just stretched my legs. Clark looks down and picks up a big rock. No, Clark, you can't turn it into an engagement ring anymore. They walk. Lana says that she can't believe another meteor shower hit the town, "as if the first one when [they] were kids wasn't bad enough." Her parents were flattened by a meteor. So she's gone from bringing it up constantly to being flippant about it. I guess that's some sort of progress. Clark must have picked up a hand-crafted Bo Duke Platitude Stone, because he says that maybe this isn't the end of things, but a new beginning and a second chance. In the ratings? Sure, why not? Lana says that there are so many things she's done -- things she hasn't told him. Clark brushes that off before Lana can ask, "What are your views on genocide?" He says it's all in the past now: "The past can't hurt us anymore." A caveman needs to suddenly appear to smack Clark in the face. "You're right," Lana says brightly, "no more crystals or spaceships or meteor showers." "Sounds good to me," Clark says. Can we add to that list octagons, back tattoos, and French witches? Clark eyes the clunky meteor rock in his hand. He throws it. "Fucking OW!" a cow moos.

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