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Losin' It

Inside the house, Lana clobbers one of the Festers, but the other one is instantly at her back. She struggles. They wrestle. Lana sees a nailgun just lying around. She grabs it and nails Fester's hand to the wall. Ouchie. She stays in close enough range that he can smack her in the mouth. He rips his hand and the nail off the wall. The other Fester reacts with pain as well. "That really..." "...hurt!" the other Fester finishes. Oh, go chew your Doublemint gum. Busey yells for his minions to get their energy field up while he and Bo trade punches. Bo gets more of the stuffing knocked out of him. Shouldn't his heart be giving out during one of these attacks? Sheriff Cheshire emerges from behind her squad car so that we know she's not dead.

Inside the house, one of the Festers removes the painful nail from his hand. He and the other Fester lock hands and make an energy field. It's...well, energetic. Police cars drive up. One of them smacks right into the force field and messes up its front bumper and hood. Busey laughs. He drags Bo inside and throws him on the floor. More police cars arrive. Busey's frustrated: "Well, ain't this a right pickle?" I have no idea how to respond to that, but he's certainly asking it on the right show.

LuthorCorp. Clark somehow saved himself and is now climbing down a ladder. Chloe asks how he's doing. He says he's not crazy about heights. Clark asks what he's supposed to be looking for amid all these exotic pieces of metal and machinery. Chloe tells him to look for a really big door. It's a big area. But he finds a big door. Chloe asks him to look for a manual override switch. He does, and the door opens to reveal Chloe. Hello, nurse! She's sporting major Chloevage. Not that I was looking. Clark asks if Chloe had any trouble with the guards. She says that it's weird -- they're only guarding the outside perimeter. I smell set-up! "Wow!" Chloe says as they find a sealed metal door. Clark asks if she can get in. Chloe says it's controlled by fingerprint access. But...wait a minute...Chloe remembers she has a flashlight with Lex's thumbprint on it. Chloe's about to rock the Casbah.

Commercials. Does anybody really say, "I'm going to go see that new Al Pacino movie this weekend!"? When is that ever truly a great move?

Kent farm. The Sheriff presses her hand against the energy barrier, a deputy standing next to her. The field wobbles. Cheshire bangs on it with her fist for good measure. The deputy asks what the hell this is. "Another day in Smallville," Cheshire answers.

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