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Back upstairs in the apartment, Lucinda's parents are distraught. "She's gone! What kind of games are you people playing?" snaps Daddy-o when the trio enter, and then having delivered his one rage-choked line, he stomps over to his mark on the other side of the room, so his wife can wearily say that they can't go through this again. "I can't lose her again," she says. Elizabeth takes her hand to comfort her, and finally Lucinda's mom seems to realize that this might be tough on Elizabeth, and apologizes.

Skeet wanders into Hannah's room, where he checks the closet. Good thinking, Skeet! Her parents probably never thought of that! As he leaves, he sees that on the mirror on the back of the door, Hannah has scrawled "YOU DONT KNOW ME" in lipstick. He grimly notes the missing apostrophe in "don't." My God. It's worse than he thought.

We see Hannah's bare feet skipping up stairs.

Skeet comes back into the living room, wanting to know what "You don't know me" means. Lucinda's parents look stricken, and her father says it was the last line of Cinda's suicide note. Keel wants to know where Lucinda was when she cut her wrists, and her father says she was in the bathroom -- but that's not how she killed herself; that was two weeks before. We see Hannah climb onto the ledge on the roof of the building. Downstairs, her father explains that Lucinda committed suicide by throwing herself off the roof of the building. Well, you might want to get a move on, then.

Skeet bursts out the door to the roof and yells, "Hannah!" and she stiffens for a moment. Elizabeth, following close behind, seems to have a little bit more on the ball than Skeet does and yells, "Lucinda!" instead. She wants to know why Lucinda wants to do this, and Hannah says that she's angry at everything and wants it all to stop and she wants to go somewhere else, and Elizabeth says she has her whole life ahead of her and you don't know me! and I had a daughter who went away and I never got the chance to let her know how much I'd lose if she were gone and zzzzzzzzz. "You don't know me," says Hannah. "Yes, I do. You are Lucinda Morgan Bryant," says Elizabeth, and yes, aren't we all impressed at the noble Amish woman accepting that her daughter is gone. But I repeat: zzzzzzzzz. So when Lucinda's parents FINALLY chime in with their desire to help Lucinda, she smiles and turns and starts to come off the ledge, but the close-ups focusing on her feet tell everyone (including Skeet, apparently) that she's going to slip. And slip she does, and Skeet lunges forward to grab her arm and lead her safely off the ledge. But the red trim on her dress catches on the jagged lip of a pipe and rips off, so this is where the shot of the flapping red fabric came from. And Hannah walks by her Amish mom into the arms of Lucinda's parents. Elizabeth looks with tears in her eyes at Skeet, who can only make a Sympathetic Skeet Face in return.

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