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So the girl's name is Hannah, and Keel introduces them to her and says they want to talk to her about what happened. Hannah, it seems, does not want strange men wandering into her hospital room where she is tied to a bed. Keel asks if she knows why she's being restrained; Hannah says she was told she was violent, but when Skeet asks, Hannah says she didn't cut her own wrists. "Do you know why they were bleeding?" asks Skeet. "Because I dreamt it," she says.

Then her mother comes in. She casts a wary glance at Batman and Robin over there, but her daughter's so relieved to see her mom that the job of asking them to explain themselves falls to the doctor following her, and he asks who they are and what they're doing here. Skeet says they investigate things like stigmata. He doesn't even bother tackling the "who are you?" part of the doctor's question, though. The doctor asks the mother if she knows them, and when she says no, the doctor tries to give them the bum's rush on out of there. Naturally, Skeet and Keel ignore him; Keel says Hannah didn't try to kill herself, so now the mom's on his side, since she tried to tell the hospital that but they didn't believe her: "I knew bringing her here was a mistake." Keel asks the doctor how it's possible the girl was bleeding from her wrists when there are no wounds. "Of course there are wounds," says the doctor. Keel wants to see them. The doctor protests, but the mother says, "Please, doctor. I'd like to see them too." So the doctor gets a puss on, but removes the bandage on Hannah's left wrist and wipes away the dried blood. Sure enough, no wound. "That's impossible!" says the doctor, and just when you're wondering what the hell kind of doctor didn't even check the girl's wounds himself, he says that she had wounds when she was brought in. Skeet and Keel exchange glances. How is it that I haven't made "Skeet and Keel exchange glances" into a macro by now?

Back in Amish country, Hannah's mother is busy eschewing modern technology by lighting an oil lamp, and Josiah carries Hannah in, followed by Skeet and Keel. Greeting them is another gentleman who speaks Dutch to Elizabeth (Hannah's mother) and wants to know, in effect, what the hell Batman and Robin are doing here, despite Elizabeth's assurance that they're here to help Hannah. Gruff Guy says it's a job for the bishop, not for "English men," and they totally get busted by Keel, who of course speaks Dutch, and tells Gruff Guy they think they can help Hannah. Gruff Guy is all "whatevereth," and stomps off. Josiah comes back in and tells them not to worry about "Caleb," since he's an elder and will therefore always be suspicious of strangers. Unlike Josiah here, who's a twenty-first-century Amish dude with a stylin' haircut. The little girl, Emma, wants to know if Hannah is crazy. "I don't think so," says Keel, so Emma asks why she's acting so weird. Josiah confirms that Hannah has been acting like "a different person," doing such things as sleepwalking. She was even found by the police dancing by the roadside in the middle of the night. Well, there's your problem. She thinks she's in a Springsteen song. "What does her father say about this?" asks Skeet, which is a really bizarre question to ask, unless maybe he's inquiring about Elizabeth's availability. Emma says that her dad is dead, and Josiah explains that he drowned rescuing Hannah from the lake when she was seven years old; she fell through the ice on the lake. Elizabeth got her to dry ground, but she thought Hannah was dead. "Five minutes passed before she breathed." Skeet and Keel exchange glances.

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