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Later, Keel's sitting on the front porch. Skeet strolls up and says that the phone number she gave him was disconnected. Keel gripes that that would have been too easy. Skeet thinks taking Hannah out of the hospital might have been the wrong thing to do, since she's got all the signs of and contributing factors to a multiple personality disorder, including the childhood trauma of her father's death and an "oppressive life." That might have drawn some complaints from Amish people if this episode had ever aired. And, I guess, if they'd been allowed to watch it. Keel's not buying the multiple-personality theory, because how does a separate personality have its own telephone number? Dude, if they had the SAME telephone number, they wouldn't exactly be separate, would they? I mean, again, if Hannah actually had a telephone number. If you ask me, the fact that the telephone number isn't actually connected is even more evidence that it's a multiple personality disorder thing, but since this is Miracles, we know it's not. So Skeet holds his hand out to Keel and asks if that looks like a six to him. Keel looks at the number. "Zero," he says. Oh, so Skeet just dialed a wrong number? So this whole little scene was pointless? Goddammit.

Skeet dials the correct number on his cell phone, and you know he's hit pay dirt when he says he's looking for Lucinda Morgan Bryant and the woman on the other end of the line demands to know who he is. "I'm very sorry to disturb you," he says. "Is there a Lucinda at this number?" "This is her mother. Who is this?" she says again. Then we just hear Skeet's end of the conversation like Keel does, listening in, and Skeet says "oh" and hangs up. "There is a Lucinda," he tells Keel. "She died. Ten years ago." Dun dun dun!

The next morning, Evelyn is filling Skeet and Keel in on the details of the sad story. So she's the Oracle now? Father's a lawyer, mother's an art dealer. They lost their only daughter, who was 18, to suicide ten years ago, on Dec. 12. Evelyn's apparently working from home now, and she's talking on a telephone headset while her now ubiquitous son Matty plays in the background. I love how they suddenly dropped a baby on Evelyn halfway through the first season. Like they focus-grouped the show, and people said, "Yeah, we love the stigmata and the demons and the supernatural overtones, but what this show needs is a cute kid. Then we'd watch!" Evelyn says because the parents were New York socialites, the suicide made the news. She asks Paul if he thinks Hannah's faking it. Skeet thinks it's a possibility, and wants to know how Evelyn got this information. She says she found it online. You mean Skeet and Keel could have Googled it themselves, but they made Evelyn work even though she didn't get to come on the trip? That's kind of mean. The point of Skeet's question is to determine that for Hannah to have found this out, she'd need a computer. Or a library card, points out Evelyn, and the Bryants' phone number is listed. She emails or faxes or whatevers over a picture of the real Lucinda, a blonde with short, shaggy hair. Skeet and Keel check her out. I mean, not like that. Skeet wonders why she killed herself. "Why don't you ask her?" suggests Keel, which is a pretty good idea.

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