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So Skeet sits on Hannah's bed and tells her to stay with them or whatever, but this episode is putting me to sleep, and since Hannah isn't getting paid to be here, I can't fault her for wanting to catch some shuteye. She starts whispering that she thinks it's all over and that in "the other place" she sees shadows at whatnot and hears her mother calling to her and blah blah blah. And she's remembering falling into the ice, and we get treated to a recreation of it, with Hannah's mother yanking her from the water, and applying impeccable artificial respiration (perhaps the village elders hold seminars in the community barn), and she's yelling (not that we can hear, as there's just the music and Hannah's director's commentary over the scene), and young Hannah comes to but unfortunately she's got some nasty white skin rash on her face -- oh, sorry, that's supposed to be frost -- and she opens her eyes and we see Lucinda also lying there, and she opens her eyes, and it was a tiny flicker of creepy in a great raging bonfire of yawn, and then there's a sad shot of Hannah's father under the water, pounding futilely on the ice. Hannah says she never saw her father after that. Well, at least not until after spring thaw, anyway. "I wanna tell her I'm sorry, but I can't see her face," says Hannah. We cut to a POV shot of Hannah approaching her mother at the sink, but it fades before Elizabeth turns around. "I can't remember her face anymore," she says. Damn. It's been one day! Shot of the red fabric flapping. "Who will remember me now?" she says. And then someone must be chopping up onions because all of a sudden Skeet is just bawling and he tells Hannah not to go and he's crying because he's thinking of watching his dying mother being taken away from her, and I know this is supposed to be all emotional but I can't work up anything other than "meh." And Hannah closes her eyes, smiling. Skeet sits there on the bed.

Nighttime. Skeet comes out of the bedroom, and Keel's there already with Elizabeth in the living room, and they're just standing around, and when Elizabeth sees Skeet, she wants to know where her daughter is. "She's sleeping," says Skeet. He suggests that Elizabeth should wait, and before Elizabeth can work up some justified indignance over Skeet telling her when she can see her own damn daughter, Hannah comes walking in. Elizabeth approaches her and says she's come to take her home, only Lucinda's here now, so she says, "But this is my home." And she's all, "I don't know you," much to the consternation of everyone there, especially Elizabeth. She drags Hannah to a mirror so she can see who she is, but all Hannah sees is Lucinda's reflection. "Wait a minute," says Hannah, and she walks over to the desk. The music swells like there's going to be a big twist -- and Hannah just grabs a piece of paper so Elizabeth can write down her name and number so they can call her when her daughter shows up. And that's the little anticlimax we go to commercial on.

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