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Later, Skeet, Keel, and Elizabeth sit in a coffeeshop and sulk. "I saw my daughter in that room but I didn't feel her. She is gone," says Elizabeth. Skeet half-heartedly offers up some bullshit about things being hard to understand, but she interrupts to practically yell, "My daughter is gone! She doesn't know me! Why should I understand that?" Keel does his best, but since his "best" is to start jabbering about reincarnation, she shouts at Keel too, for him to speak to her in things she can understand. Then she says she knows that they're wondering why "this Amish woman" doesn't turn to God, and she says it's because she doesn't trust a God who can do these sorts of things. You'd think she got kind of suspicious of God back when he drowned her husband, though.

Hannah's running her hand up the frame of the door to Lucinda's closet, noting the marks where her mom measured Lucinda's height. Lucinda's mom comes in, and she's doing her best to be nonchalant about the whole daughter's-soul-in-the-body-of-another-girl. Hannah asks her why she wasn't measured past age 12. "You grew up too fast," says her mom. She's got a box of clothes under her arm. "I couldn't bring myself to given them away after you..." she trails off. Awkward! Anyway, she pulls out a pink dress and says Lucinda loved it. "I still do," says Hannah. "Well," says her mother, "help yourself to all of...your things." She says she's really glad that Lucinda's home, and quickly walks out of the room. Hannah holds the dress in her arms.

I'm finding it hard to believe that the drug-riddled Lucinda loved this big ol' pink dress with its red...under...thing, like, what is that, a petticoat or something? I thought pink and red didn't go together. But Hannah wears the dress and looks at herself in the mirror (reflected as Lucinda). She trots out into the hall, where she overhears her mom and dad talking about how they don't even really know this person. Well, it's more the father who's going on about how they don't even know her, with the mother saying it'll take time. Hannah starts snarling, "You don't know me!" and backing down the hallway as we flash back to Hannah bleeding on the bed and saying "you don't know me," because I guess none of us can remember something we saw about 45 minutes ago.

In the coffee shop, Skeet and Keel and Elizabeth are still dithering over what to do (note to writers: make them do something. ANYTHING). Keel's cell phone rings, and he wanders off to answer it. "I'm never going to see her again, am I?" Elizabeth asks Skeet. Skeet says he's sorry, and that he tried as long as he could to keep her from going. Then he relays -- about time! -- Hannah's message about being sorry for the death of her father. Elizabeth has tears in her eyes. "But it wasn't her fault!" she says. "Why did this have to happen?" Skeet starts to say something, thinks better of it, then decides to say what he just thought better of saying, which was some platitude about how we can never know the reason for things. "The fact is, when you lose someone you love, no reason's ever good enough." Oh, great. Now he's going to start crying. You know, I don't remember Mulder ever losing it like this about his sister when he was investigating something that happened to someone else, and she was ABDUCTED BY ALIENS, so GET A GRIP, Skeet. Elizabeth deduces -- no flies on her! -- that Skeet lost someone as well, and after thinking about it for a moment, guesses that it was his mother. "How old were you?" she asks. "Five," says Skeet. "Oh, okay. So if you don't mind setting aside this thing that happened THIRTY YEARS AGO, can we come up with a plan to stop my daughter from vanishing?" says Elizabeth. Okay, she doesn't. But she really should. I bet she's thinking it. Instead, what she says is that maybe she was lucky to get those ten extra years she did when Hannah almost drowned. Yeah, just the kind of justification you need to give up on your daughter. Keel finally returns from his phone call. "We have a problem," he says.

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