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House Wrecker

Hadley enters House's office and finds him with his pants down. Um, aren't all of his walls made of glass? Why would he be doing that where anyone who walked by could see him? He's just checking his stitches, he says, pulling his pants back up. Hadley informs him that Afsoun changed her mind and is going to have the radiation therapy after all.

House decides to ask Afsoun about this. He finds her in her room with Luka by her side again, having just given her a single rose. House promptly orders Luka to leave. He asks Afsoun why she changed her mind. "There are more important things than -- " Afsoun starts to explain, only for House to cut her off and yell at her that nothing should be more important than her brain and the abilities it has given her. "It's where everything comes from, any meaning in your life, any happiness!" he says, obviously talking about himself more than he is Afsoun. He says Luka is not worth losing her abilities because he'll probably just leave her anyway because people always let you down. "If you do this, you're a pathetic hypocrite!" House accuses. Afsoun doesn't really care what House says. She just wants to know why he seems to want her to die. House doesn't have an answer for her. He leaves the room. When he looks back, Afsoun is in Luka's arms.

House returns home, where he sits around taking Vicodin until his phone rings. He doesn't answer it, but the damage is done. Wilson was calling House from just outside his front door and heard the phone ringing inside, so he knows House is in there. House lets him in. Wilson asks if House is doing okay after his lunch with Cuddy. House clearly isn't, so Wilson offers to take him out for a drink. In the middle of the day. Knowing that House has taken like a week's supply of Vicodin today. Great plan, Wilson. House limps to his bathroom and grabs a woman's hairbrush off the shelf where he knew it would be. He agrees to go to the bar if they can stop at Cuddy's first so he can drop her brush off.

In what is becoming a pattern of terrible decisions, Wilson decided they should take House's car to the bar and that House should drive. Even though, again, he is high on Vicodin and will probably get totally wasted at the bar on top of that. And, I would assume, Wilson had to drive his own car to House's apartment so why not just let Wilson drive his own car? It's like Wilson went out of his way to make this terrible idea happen. House pulls up in front of Cuddy's house and tells Wilson to stay in the car. He walks towards the house, then stops short. Cuddy has company. Julia and her husband are having coffee in Cuddy's dining room with Cuddy and Jerry. Yes, there's no better first date than coffee at someone's house with her sister and her sister's husband. That makes sense. They get up to leave the room, with no one apparently noticing the man standing in the front yard like fifteen feet away from the large window. Cuddy touches Jerry's shoulder. House decides not to return the hairbrush after all.

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