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House Wrecker

He turns around and walks back to the car. Wilson asks what's going on. "Get out," House says. Wilson again asks what's going on. "Get out," House repeats. Wilson obeys, leaving House with "what are you mad about? Just let it out. You'll feel better." House closes the car door and screeches away, leaving Wilson on the sidewalk figuring he should call for a cab. Well, that's what you get for letting House drive. House speeds away, then, suddenly, does a screechy U-turn in the middle of the road. The anger on his face changes into determination, and he speeds back towards Cuddy's house. Like, seriously towards Cuddy's house. As in, Wilson jumps out of the way (and manages to hurt his arm when he lands. Klutz!) as the car pulls up on the sidewalk, over the front lawn, and rams into Cuddy's dining room. Her walls are made out of paper, so the car easily passes through them and comes to a rest almost entirely in the dining room. Fortunately for pretty much everyone involved, no one was in the dining room at the time. They're all standing just outside it, staring at the uninvited guest in shock and horror.

Despite driving through a house, both House and his car haven't suffered much, if any, damage. House, who wasn't even wearing a seatbelt and thus should have been ejected through his front windshield and died, simply opens his door, steps out, closes it behind him, and picks his way across what's left of Cuddy's dining room towards the small group who are not, for whatever reason, running away from the guy who just tried to kill them all with his car. No, they just stand there and let him approach them. House hands Cuddy her hairbrush and walks out, looking quite pleased with what just happened. To Wilson, who is gaping at him and holding his wrist, he says he does, indeed, feel better. And then he just walks away. No one tries to stop him. The police apparently take their sweet-ass time to show up, since it's daylight now and it was dark when they were there. This gives House ample opportunity to escape. Just as Wilson predicted, he's in a bar. But it's not the darkest hole in New Jersey, and House isn't exactly getting trashed out of his mind. He finishes his drink, tells the bartender he's had enough, and asks what he should do today. "I don't know. Go home?" the bartender says. House smiles and shakes his head. "Not tonight," he says. And that's when we see that he's on a beach somewhere tropical surrounded by sun, surf, and happy beachgoers. He takes a walk on the beach, which is suddenly empty of people, and that's it for Season Seven.

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