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House Wrecker

Foreman doesn't care about Luka and Afsoun's love life. He asks Afsoun if the guy with the match was real or an audience plant. Luka answers for Afsoun, saying that she doesn't like to explain her work because it "limits its potential" (a.k.a. she is full of crap and doesn't really have an explanation for the stuff she does) and that yes, the guy was real and "a total dick." It would have been a hell of a performance if he had gone through with it, though, I will give Afsoun that. Foreman says that proves that Afsoun is crazy. Afsoun thinks she's just trying to force her audience to "break with the rational," and then she breaks with her lunch and barfs it all over the chamber. Hadley runs in and asks Luka to toss her a nearby oxygen mask (since when did doctors ask the patient's visitors for help? That's weird), but he just stands there.

Taub gives Ruby an ultrasound even though there isn't much, if anything, to see, what with her being just one month along. Seriously, the fetus is like the size of a grain of rice at this point. And now it's been hit with a bunch of ultrasound rays. Ruby seems to think this will make what's happening more real to her. It's real to Taub, too, who has already decided to name the baby Reuben, which he says is a "family name." Ruby says it's also a sandwich. Well, a ruby is also a gemstone. What's the problem? They are soon interrupted by a call from Taub's ex-wife, who simply WILL NOT GO AWAY. I really think if I counted the minutes of screen time she got this season, it would be more than Chase. Possibly more than Foreman, even. Her ring tone is "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)", which is, so fittingly, a song about a guy who tries to cheat on his wife with a woman who ends up being his own wife. Taub quickly declines to answer her call.

Cuddy's sister, who apparently now lives close enough to Cuddy to swing by her house, thinks that Cuddy should give Jerry another chance. She says he's perfect dating material, as he's successful in his career, kite-surfs in Costa Rica, and loves his mother. She thinks the only reason why Cuddy isn't entertaining the idea of dating Jerry is that she's still hung up on House, but Cuddy insists that she's given up on him.

At PPTH, Foreman says the fact that Afsoun got sick in the hyperbaric chamber means their carbon monoxide diagnosis was wrong. Hadley thinks they should test her and her assistant for toxins, since Luka was acting "strangely" by not helping Hadley do her job earlier. Foreman thinks Luka just froze up because he has feelings for Afsoun and couldn't handle seeing her in distress. House frowns and asks if Luka brought anything into the hyperbaric chamber from Afsoun's hospital room. Foreman says he brought her handbag, some flowers, and a stuffed elephant. House asks why no one found it odd that a genius performance artist like Afsoun would want a stuffed animal at her side at all times. Oh, so performance artists can't like stuffed animals now? That doesn't seem fair. He sends Hadley to Afsoun's room while he listens in on her cell phone. Hadley enters the room and heads for the stuffed elephant. Sure enough, it's not just a stuffed animal -- it's a Nanny Cam. Over the phone, House says that's what he figured. Luka froze up when Afsoun got sick because he was told not to interfere with her latest performance piece. Her stay at PPTH, it seems, is all for art's sake. I don't think her health insurance company is going to reimburse her for that.

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