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House Wrecker

After the break, House checks out the Nanny Cam elephant while Hadley explains that Afsoun always bases her work on "personal trauma" because she's probably really self-absorbed. Luka has been taking notes and collecting remnants of her treatment at PPTH like old needles while the Nanny Camphant videotaped her procedures. Hadley seems kind of excited to be part of this. In between trying to duck his wife's calls, Taub says they should discharge Afsoun before they expose themselves to a malpractice suit. Foreman agrees, saying Afsoun probably isn't even sick. If she was willing to let a guy set her on fire, then she'd huff paint thinner to induce an arrhythmia. Hadley protests that Afsoun's work is all about honesty, and faking symptoms isn't consistent with that. House agrees with Hadley that Afsoun isn't faking her illness, if not that her work is in any way honest. The fact is that Afsoun has a cyst on her pancreas, which Chase discovered at some point off-camera, makes House think that Afsoun's symptoms are real. He decides that she has Coxsackie B. Despite this, he lets Foreman do a CT scan to rule out gallstones and also because he knows Foreman will use the scan to check Afsoun's lungs for evidence that she huffed paint thinner. House volunteers to accompany Foreman to the booth so he can fully enjoy the moment when Foreman realizes that he's wrong, even though it means going against Hourani's orders and leaving his hospital bed.

Ultimately, the scan proves Foreman wrong and loses him what appears to be a hundred dollar bill to House. Foreman should have known better than to bet against House. Afsoun complains that she feels dizzy, and Foreman slides her out of the CT scan machine (OF SLIGHTLY LESS DOOOM!!) and says she's pale, sweaty, tachycardic, and has low blood pressure. House tells him to scope Afsoun to look for the source of the internal bleeding he believes is causing this.

Cuddy shows up in House's room with lunch for two, but he isn't there. House killed two birds with one stone; not only did he win $100 off Foreman, but he also skipped out on Cuddy.

Luka gets to take pictures of Afsoun's colonoscopy, much to his chagrin. Foreman's too; he finally gets sick of the camera, rips it out of Luka's hands, and throws it in the trash. Undaunted, Luka grabs the elephant and takes video instead. Chase and Foreman can't find the expected bleed despite all the scoping, so Foreman takes a look at Afsoun's feet. Something he sees there causes him to smile and say he didn't lose that bet to House after all.

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