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House Wrecker

However many days earlier, House confronts Afsoun. Afsoun doesn't know why House is so upset about this, saying she "thought [he] would understand someone who uses their work to deal with pain." What the hell article did Afson find on the internet that told her that? House asks why Afsoun is doing all of this. She claims that she actually is sick. Some of her symptoms were induced intentionally so she would get House's attention, but not all of them. This comes as a surprise to Luka, who asks if Afsoun knows what's wrong with her. Afsoun says she does, but she won't tell House what it is because he wants to solve the puzzle and she wants to get her art. So it's win-win! Except for, you know, all the other patients who might actually need House's help but won't get it because Afsoun is wasting his time. House asks why Afsoun chose him for this, but, of course, she won't tell him. "This is a puzzle tailor-made for you," she says. House will have to figure out which of her symptoms is real and find the ones she apparently hasn't even told him about. Yeah. That sounds like a blast. I guess it's not enough that I can't relate to the doctors on this show on any human level anymore, but now the patients don't make any logical sense. Of course, House accepts Afsoun's challenge.

The Cottages aren't so willing to deal with Afsoun anymore. House scolds Chase that he has to because he took an oath. "To be cool. Or at least that was the one I mumbled under my breath while everyone else was doing the boring one," House says. Well, that explains a lot. Meanwhile, look what's back! It's the Whiteboard O'Symptoms! This time it's the portable version, held up by Taub because that's all he's good for these days. House orders them to draw some blood from Afsoun and check it for parasites and bacteria. Foreman thinks the "new" House even is more irresponsible than the old one was, and he, along with Chase and Taub, refuse to follow orders. Hadley eventually decides to obey, saying that House is clearly going through a "tough patch" so a distraction like Afsoun might be good for him. Or at least better than whatever else he's capable of doing. Since when did Hadley care about House, anyway?

In the elevator, Taub gets another call from the ex. Again, he doesn't answer it. Foreman asks why Taub is avoiding her. I think that's kind of obvious, Foreman. Taub says he hasn't even told Rachel about Ruby's pregnancy. In fact, he hasn't even told her that he won't be cheating on Ruby with her anymore. Taub says he's just "trying to let her down easy" and he doesn't "want to hurt her feelings." More like Taub is selfish and cowardly, but we already knew that. Foreman says Taub might as well bite the bullet and tell her, because she'll find out one way or another.

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