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Sucking At Puzzles

We fly to a challenge beach, where Jeff welcomes Koror onto its big mat. And then, here comes teeny, tiny Ulong, trying to occupy a lot of space. Like hockey goalies. Jeff points out to Koror that Ibrehem was voted off, in case Koror was having difficulty picking that out from the large crowd of people involved in the Ulong booting. Jeff tells Steph and Bobby Jon that there may only be two of them, but that they're "still a tribe." Steph says "Yep," in a way that's meant to be brave. Jeff tells the group that the challenge today "is going to require an adventurous spirit." And why? Because it's a food challenge. Everyone looks sort of half-amused and half-terrified, which seems about right. Jeff tells them that what they're going to be eating is a very nutritious delicacy, so, yay! The delicacy is called balut, and it's a fertilized egg containing partially formed duckling. As Jeff helpfully points out, they're about twenty days old, so you can see their beaks and feet and so forth. Tasty! The way it will work is that they'll do rounds in which you have to eat one balut, then two, then three, then four. It's not timed, so you just get a point for your team every time you can eat as many as there are on the plate. End of four rounds, the team with more points will win reward. And the reward this week? Well, it's 55 gallons of fresh water in a tank attached to a shower head. And to go with the water, they'll get the now-traditional collection of bath products. When she sees it, you can almost see Steph want to cry, so badly does she want to run over and grab it all up for herself. There are toothbrushes, there is mouthwash, there is soap, there is shampoo. I'm not sure how it's possible that Koror needs all this stuff, since it seems like they must be getting little toiletry kits every day when they have their rooms made up.

Now, Jeff wants to know which two people are competing. And it turns out that it will be Ian and Tom facing Steph and Bobby Jon. Interesting to me that Koror would throw Ian and Tom at a reward challenge, knowing it will keep them out of the immunity challenge, but I guess they feel like they have so many people now that they can always spare two others. It really does suck, because basically at this point, Koror doesn't ever have to put Jen or Caryn or Janu into challenges anymore.

Steph and Tom step up for the first balut. They both announce that they are ready. Go! They both take a bite. Man, that does not look appetizing to me. But they don't seem to struggle with it too much, all things considered. Tom is the first to finish, and he shows Jeff his empty mouth. Steph shows her mouth, too. As Ian is about to step up for his round, Tom mutters to him, "Watch the beak." As Ian steps up, he repeats this with a grin, which is really cute. Ian and Bobby Jon eat two balut. "That was a juicy one," Ian says with a smile through a mouthful of duckling. Ian then makes a sort of "arg-uh-poooey" noise, and Jeff asks him what's going through his head. Ian says there was some shell in that one. "You sure that was what was the crunchy part?" a delighted Jeff asks as Bobby Jon continues to look like he's struggling. "I don't know," Ian laughs, "but I need the soap." They both finish.

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