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Need To Go

The Cottages take bets on how long SuperMom and StuporDad's marriage will last. Foreman thinks it'll last forever: "There's nothing to fight over if you never talk about anything." Hey, boredom can end a marriage, too.

Wilson sees Stacy packing up her office for good. Hooray!

Wilson then finds House hanging out on the roof and asks him what House told her to make her leave. House says he told her she was better off without him, and whips out his Vicodin bottle to dry-swallow a couple in Wilson's face, just to piss him off some more. Wilson goes into psychoanalytical girl mode and accuses House of sending Stacy away because he likes being miserable because it makes him feel special. House doesn't want to change that by letting someone into his life who could make him happy: "Being miserable doesn't make you better than anybody else, House. It just makes you miserable." Ah, but it also makes you a popular television character and nets you a Golden Globe.

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