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By the time Wilson and House exit the elevator, House has told him the whole story about how he and Stacy kissed. I must say, I'm kind of annoyed that something that only took a short elevator ride to explain was presented to me as an hour's worth of unenjoyable Stacy time. Wilson asks House what he thinks Stacy's next move will be, and whether he thinks she will leave her husband for him. House acts like he doesn't care, and Wilson lectures that this is a "big deal" and that House needs to talk to Stacy about it. He also thinks he and House "need to talk about this," because the writers on this show are apparently just as bad at portraying straight male friendships as they are female characters.

Speaking of girls and poorly written female characters (although I must admit she has been much better this season), Cameron comes walking up to hand House the charts on their newest patient. House is happy to have an excuse to leave Wilson, but Wilson warns him that "this isn't just gonna go away." "No, but maybe you will," House responds. Oh, don't say that! Wilson barely gets three seconds of screen time per episode as it is!

In the conference room, Foreman shows everyone just how carelessly he reads patient files by guessing that their new patient's dyskinesia was caused by head trauma suffered during her meeting with the garage. Cameron tells him that it was the dyskinesia that caused the accident, and House asks Chase for a demonstration of SuperMom's flailing and twitching. Foreman snaps that House can see the patient himself if he needs to be entertained so desperately. He gets over his hissyfit to suggest Huntington's (coincidentally, that link goes to an episode of Everwood that was also titled "Need To Know") as the cause for SuperMom's problems, while House has his own temper tantrum because someone ate the last of the animal crackers and didn't throw the box away. I sympathize; it's so annoying when you see a carton of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer and then get all excited about eating ice cream and then find out that there is no ice cream after all and your roommates are lazy assholes who can't throw out a tiny half-pint carton. The Cottages ignore House and continue with their differential diagnosis. Cameron thinks that they should put SuperMom on some drugs to counteract the fertility treatments she's been taking, in case they are the culprit for her limb-control issues, but House wisely wants to do a pregnancy test on SuperMom before they give her drugs that could kill her possible baby. He then defers to Foreman to issue the final orders, since Foreman is supposedly still in charge. Foreman just tells House to do whatever he wants, since he is done being Cuddy's tool to make House miserable. House orders an MRI of various parts of SuperMom's body, telling them to paralyze the patient first to avoid her flailing limbs of danger.

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