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The Cottages set up in SuperMom's room to do their tests while StuporDad and their daughter (apparently played by Dakota Fanning's younger sister, because we certainly need another one of those on our TV sets and movie screens) stand by and watch. SuperMom starts flailing around again and suggests that StuporDad take their daughter home so that she doesn't have to have the fun experience of seeing her mother scared and not in control of her own body. StuporDad insists on staying in the room with the kid, named Stella, because he's a doofus. So Stella gets to watch her mom flail around and moan until they paralyze SuperMom. StuporDad is amazed at the science involved in this, and asks questions while his daughter continues to have the image of her debilitated and sick mother burned into her brain forever. Stella starts to cry, so Foreman and Cameron reassure her that her mother will be okay while StuporDad catches flies in his open mouth. FINALLY, he takes Stella out of the room. What was he even thinking, letting her be in that room in the first place? There's nothing more upsetting to a kid than seeing the one person you need to be strong and in control -- your parent -- being weak and scared. Foreman shoots SuperMom up with the paralysis drug and then they tape her eyes closed so that they don't dry out.

Wilson marches into Stacy's office and asks her what the hell she was thinking, cheating on her husband with House. Cold as ever, Stacy accuses House of being an "eight-year-old boy" for kissing and telling, but Wilson won't let her turn things around on House when she's the one who cheated on her husband. Good for you, Wilson! Stacy tells him to mind his own business, but Wilson protests that this is his business because he was the one "stuck picking up the pieces" the last time Stacy left House. Again, I'm pretty sure this is not something that a straight guy would say. Or any person of any gender and sexual orientation, really, because it's cheesy. Wilson says that House has been "pining" for Stacy for the last five years. Stacy accuses Wilson of being overly dramatic (true), and doesn't seem to really care much about House's feelings at all, either because she doesn't believe that they're as deep as Wilson claims they are or because she's cold and heartless. I chose to believe the latter because I hate Stacy and she hasn't demonstrated anything thus far that would show her to be anything but that. "You can't toy with him," Wilson says. "I'm not!" Stacy says in her emotion-whisper. She has to depend on her voice to show her intensity because her face can't. Finally, she admits that she just doesn't know what she's doing. She tries to look helpless, but can only mange an evil smirk.

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