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The paralysis drug wears off, and SuperMom gets to open her eyes again. Cameron tells her that the MRI of her brain didn't show anything (anything wrong, that is. An MRI of a brain that didn't show anything at all would be StuporDad's, of course) and that her pregnancy test was negative. Foreman says that they have other things to test for, some of which are more "serious" than others. He takes a swab of SuperMom's cheek for the Huntington's test. "Is that one of the more serious ones?" StuporDad asks, because he is incredibly stupid. And, of course, he's brought Stella into the room so that she can be even more traumatized. SuperMom's arm flails return just in time for her to launch Cameron's anti-estrogen pills across the room. It's no drive-into-the-garage degree of disaster, but it really pisses SuperMom off. She lashes out at Stella, telling her to stop looking so scared, and then at StuporDad for bringing Stella there in the first place. I don't see anything wrong with SuperMom's second attack...

...but Cameron and Foreman take it to House as another symptom of Huntington's: increased irritability. House tells them to start her on some Huntington's drugs, even though they're dangerous drugs to give to someone who may not have anything wrong with her, and they only have to wait a day to get the test results back. House says that they might as well do it before SuperMom progresses to full-blown psychosis (in just one day? Come on) and deprives Stella of the chance to say goodbye to her. Then House turns to Chase and asks him if he would like "to tell the class how that feels?" Well, that's an inexcusably horrible thing to say. The guy's dad died less than a year ago and House knows the circumstances of it and Chase's relationship with him better than anyone else, and he still uses it as fodder for his little jokes. Of course, Chase just lets House get away with it, pausing for a moment to recollect himself and then continuing on with his job. Hey, Chase, if you aren't going to stand up for yourself, then House is going to walk all over you. Or not walk so much as limp, being sure to dig his cane into the space where your spine would be if you had one. Foreman gets a page and announces that there's a problem.

SuperMom has now taken to using her IV pole as a weapon. She really is good at finding multiple uses for everyday objects. I guess that's what makes her so super! She accuses StuporDad of trying to steal her daughter from her, since this is the one time StuporDad actually wised up and didn't bring her to the hospital room. Foreman explains to StuporDad that his wife is having a "psychotic break," and then SuperMom takes out a way-too-easily-shattered window before the Cottages tackle her and shoot her up with Ativan. SuperMom also informs us that Stella isn't StuporDad's biological daughter. I'm curious as to why she's the one taking fertility drugs to get pregnant with his biological child when it's obviously his StuporSperm that are to blame for their pregnancy problems. I'm sure they get in there and then promptly get lost and wander off into SuperMom's intestines or something before implanting themselves into her kidneys, mistaking them for eggs.

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