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Later, SuperMom has calmed down, and her Huntington's test has come back negative. Good thing they didn't give her those dangerous unnecessary Huntington's drugs, then, isn't it? Foreman is baffled; he was sure she had Huntington's. You know, there's a really easy and fast way to rule out that a patient doesn't have Huntington's -- find out if her parents had it. If neither of them did, then their kid won't either. Of course, you still have to do the test to confirm that since everybody LIES and on this show, no one is the biological father, but it would have given them a pretty good idea of what they were dealing with and saved them some time. And they did do a family history, which we know because Foreman suggests "spontaneous schizophrenia" and Cameron rejects it, saying that there's no record of mental illness in SuperMom's family. I didn't know a family with no mental illnesses even existed, but I guess SuperMom's family is SuperMentallyHealthy. Cynical House wonders whether the source of SuperMom's SuperMomness is drugs, saying that cocaine abuse explains all her symptoms. Cameron already knows what's coming and jumps up to go break into SuperMom's home and look for her "stash." Foreman is chosen to accompany her, because, as House says "there's gotta be a reason for the stereotype." I certainly missed House's winning racist humor this past month.

All work assigned to others, House heads for Wilson's office, but the door is locked and Wilson doesn't answer when his friend knocks. "I know you're in there!" says House. "I can hear you caring." Apparently, Wilson's cheesy line disease is spreading. House circumvents Wilson's locked front door by sneaking in through the balcony, where he finds Wilson rolling a joint on his desk. This is why we respect locked doors -- because they're often a sign that the person behind them wants privacy. Wilson claims that the drugs are for one of his patients, which I find especially hard to believe, seeing as I can barely get any of my doctors to spend more than five minutes with me let alone prepare my illegal substances. Not that I'd want them to -- if I ever get cancer, I'd want my oncologist to spend all his time curing me, not wasting it rolling my J's. Or talking to his best friend about girl problems, which is what Wilson and House are doing now. House wants to know what Stacy said when Wilson talked to her. Wilson says he thinks that Stacy is waiting for House to do something. Of course she is -- she'd hate to have to put in any more effort. House says he doesn't think Stacy would be able to leave her husband while he was in rehab -- "too much guilt." "She left you," Wilson points out. You see, Stacy only cares about other people's feelings when it's important to her own. If you don't make her happy because you're sick and dealing with your own issues, she'll find someone else. What a catch she is! House then tries to escape Wilson's office with one of the joints, but Wilson knows him too well to let that happen. Way to try to steal from cancer patients, there, asshole.

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